The Most Disturbing Thing You’ll See Today

A guest on Dr. Phil has severely disabled adult children, and she wants the right to be able to euthanize them. A mother of disabled  children in the audience is rightly appalled by this, since it’s cold-blooded murder. Dr. Phil asks his audience for a show of hands for all those who think a mother should be allowed to [Read More...]

Empire of the Dwarfs [News of the Weird]

Look, I don’t make the news, I just pass it along. And the news is this: approximately 100 dwarfs live in a self-contained mini-Empire-cum-theme-park and entertain tourists. China built the facility in 2009, despite some concerns about exploitation of people with disabilities. As Matt Poulter of website eChinacities wrote: “Is Dwarf Empire providing its employees [Read More...]

Last Fragments of Important “Book of the Dead” MS Discovered

This is fairly big news, so I’m surprised to see it getting minimal coverage. The final, missing pieces of a key manuscript of the Egyptian Book of the Dead have been found at last. Although there isn’t a single Book of the Dead, the papyrus in question belonged to Amenhotep, chief builder of the temple [Read More...]

Automata in the Modern Age

The early machines featured in this story are things of beauty, imagination, and elegance. The novel The Invention of Hugo Cabret, along with the film version by Martin Scorsese, has renewed interest in the mysterious and captivating creations known as automata: mechanical people made long before the computer age. BBC has a nice 5 minute [Read More...]

Wonderputt [A Week of Time Wasters]


This week I’m posting five days worth of insidious browser-based time-wasters: little games that will make that coffee break vanish faster than a snowcone in Hades. Wonderputt puts a spin on the miniature golf game with a remarkable presentation. The gameplay is simple enough. Move the mouse to aim the ball and determine the strength [Read More...]

Giant Manual Digital Clock UPDATED


I have no idea who, why, what, or where (Czech Republic?), but I know it’s amazing. UPDATED: I took down the link because the site is no longer the live-action 24-hour digital clock feed, but is instead … something else. Something I don’t like the look of. So, please don’t go looking for it, it [Read More...]