Giza in 3D

I love it when my obsessions come together. Dassault Systems, Harvard University, and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston have collaborated to create what they’re calling the “most detailed” 3D model of the Giza Plateau, and it does look quite impressive. They’ve made an effort to avoid the videogame feel of some 3D flythroughs and build something that’s accurate and detailed, allowing people to walk through on their own or take a guided tour. The textures are quite good, and each location is accompanied by material from the MFAB’s extensive collection.

The heart of the experience is the work of Egyptologist George Reisner (1867-1942), who directed extensive expeditions at Giza Plateau, leaving behind about 45,000 photos, and thousands of pages of notes, diagrams, maps, and more. Much of that is being incorporated into the software to make it accessible to researchers and students.

You can check the whole thing out for free at Giza3D.

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