Remixing McCartney

I’m posting this because I’m a fan of Paul McCartney (best live show I have ever seen, period), it’s an interesting use of technology, and it’s just plain cool. McCartney’s solo work has been prolific and of … well, let’s call it “variable” quality. About 10% is pure crap, maybe 70% is just fine, but that last 20% is brilliant. (This collaboration with George Martin could have come from Revolver.) Macca is reissuing RAM in a special edition on May 22nd, and he’s placed four tracks online for people to remix, save, and submit. The best remixes will be posted on the site.

The songs are Band on the Run, Monkberry Moon Delight, Let Me Roll It, and Maybe I’m amazed. You can adjust keyboard, vocals, percussion, and guitars separately, as well as play with echo, flange, and cutoff frequency.  It’s a long way from when I was wee bairn, adjusting the fake stereo on “For No One” so I could learn the bass line.

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