Wonderputt [A Week of Time Wasters]

This week I’m posting five days worth of insidious browser-based time-wasters: little games that will make that coffee break vanish faster than a snowcone in Hades.

Wonderputt puts a spin on the miniature golf game with a remarkable presentation. The gameplay is simple enough. Move the mouse to aim the ball and determine the strength of the putt, then click. The real appeal of Wonderput comes from marvelous visual style, and the way the world constantly shifts for each hole. A line of cows marches across the field chewing the grass into a course, then the ground heaves snow falls and penguins ski down the same area, laying out a whole new course. This course then fills with water, freezes over, and a submarine crashes into the side of it. Once you’re done with that course, the submarine itself comes apart like a schematic drawing and IT becomes a course. A large part of the appeal lies in just seeing what comes next in this wildly imaginative game world. Play at www.kongragate.com.

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