Doctor Who Meets Snoopy

A couple of my favorite things come together. Nerdtastic.

My son and I are watching David Tennant’s spectacular run as the Tenth Doctor, and we finally got to “Blink,” one of the best hours of TV I’ve seen in ages.

HT: Kat via Facebook.


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  • victor

    As great as Tennant was, Davies had gotten quite full of the character (and himself) by the time his run ended and the 10th Doctor’s final episodes were a bit of a confusing muddle (no “Spoilers!” there). Things got much better when Moffat took over and though I had my initial doubts about Matt Smith, he’s eclipsed even Tennant in the role in my opinion (though still no Tom Baker, but who is). When the 11th Doctor goes up against the Weeping Angels it’s another great episode… maybe not up to “Blink” levels, but great nonetheless.

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    Haven’t seen any of Smith’s episodes yet, but I generally like Moffat’s work (Sherlock, Tintin). I read people saying the show got more “mature” under him. What does that mean? More of Torchwood’s bisexual nonsense?

  • Tim

    Agree with victor about Matt Smith surpassing Tennant, but some of the Matt Smith episodes I found muddled, particularly the season finales. “Blink” is by far the best episode in the rebooted Doctor Who though.

    Season 4 wasn’t very great unfortunately (mostly because of Catherine Tate), but had a great episode called “Midnight”, which Catherine Tate is barely in.

  • Jared

    Nope. Basically, Moffat puts more work into the progression of his story arcs, and Smith’s Doctor is pretty subtle in his characterization (which is probably what people mean when they say it’s more mature).

  • Jo

    IMHO, DW lost a great deal of its delights when Moffat took over. I believe this also has something to do with the fact that the premiere of the US series broadcast with season 5 caused the producers, writers, etc., to pander to their anticipated American audience by making everything too flashy. The show immediately became less British, and less genuine. The pace of many episodes is obnoxiously dizzying, and after seeing the beginning of Smith’s tenure, I’m left feeling as if I still don’t recognize him as a character (you could really call the show “The Adventures of Amy Pond, occasionally featuring the Doctor”, I think-I will be so happy to see her go). Not to mention a much too excessive use of Deus ex machina to resolve plot twists that are less cerebral and emotionally compelling than previous story lines (very poor writing, in my mind). There may not be more of “Torchwood’s bisexual nonsense,” but there are an increasing frequency of understated nudges towards the cultural acceptance of homosexuality, which are so poorly inserted that they seem like obvious pandering to a younger, progressive audience.

    @Tim-I absolutely loved Donna and thought she brought so much to the series. Catherine Tate is a brilliant comic actress.

    [As a sidenote, I'm not sure whether or not to be bothered by the fact that DW can't seem to do anything intelligent with plot devices/themes involving religion. Headless monks? Really?]

  • Tim

    @Jo: In my opinion, Amy is the best companion and I won’t be happy to see her go. I found Catherine Tate’s character to be obnoxious and sometimes felt she was competing with Tennant as the “comic relief”. I suppose I just don’t get her comedy.

  • victor

    I did expect more from Moffat than the Headless monks, but the militarized priests on the Byzantium were super cool. The instances of pansexual nonsense all but disappeared under Moffat, but we did get some clunkers of a few episodes (none penned by Moffat: the one in the hotel with the minotaur and the Vincent Van Gogh episodes leap to mind). I actually liked Catherine Tate as a companion (and her Grandfather) up to the point where her character arc became inscrutible. I do agree that in the last series, Doctor Who became more running around talking very fast than anything else but the Craig episodes were a delight. Amy Pond (and Rory!) is the best companion since Adric.

  • Jo

    For some reason, Amy has never morphed into a character I could halfway respect. For most of her tenure, I have been desperately wishing that something would take her away for a few episodes so Rory could shine-he is a fantastic character who Amy does not deserve. All the awkward quasi-love-triangle nonsense involved in the last series continues to irritate me to no end-surely the writers have more interesting puzzles to work in! I was bracing myself for Donna after the first special she appeared in, but I was pleasantly surprised with series 4. I think a large reason why I appreciated Donna’s role was that she and the Doctor were truly ‘companions’ and loyal friends without all the stupid sexual tension that has existed with other companions (sans Rose). But I tend to over-analyze :)

  • KML

    I liked Donna, too! That episode with the little fat-babies, when they keep missing each other in their investigations and then see each other through the windows with attending over-the-top gestures, until they realized they’ve been found out by the baddies long ago? Comedy gold. I thought they were great foils for each other. I feel like I’m in the minority, though. *Spoilers!* One of the most heartbreaking things about her tenure, to me at least, was the way her run as the companion ended. The Doctor has a history of leaving his companions better than he found them, something he seems to find pride in, and that wasn’t the case for Donna.

  • KML

    I feel like I have an unusual perspective because I watched the Smith run first, then backtracked and started with the Eccleston eps and worked my way through the end of the Tennant run. I have to say I enjoy Smith the most, but I’m not sure if it’s just because those are the ones I saw first. And “Blink” was indeed fabulous. If the Weeping Angels give you the heebie-jeebies though, just wait until The Silence.