Monday Morning Chicken

I know, I know: I skipped last Monday’s chicken. I had no idea people would come to really look forward to these chicken pics. I just thought posting a chicken on Memorial Day was probably bad form.

Anyway, here’s Ruby the Wonder Chicken: before and after. Actually, that’s Marcia on the left: one of three chicks we watched for a week for our neighbors (the others are–of course–Jan and Cindy) with Ruby. Ruby is almost three months older than the chick.

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A 2,000-Year-Old Eggshell
Thanks, Y'all
Chicken Progress Report [Photo Post]
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  • Ben not the athiest

    So are chickens friendly? I mean I see you holding the chickens, but are they affectionate?

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    Most breeds are very friendly. We only have a few, and my daughter will be showing them at farm fairs for 4H, so we have to socialize them. The judges need to be able to pick them up without them freaking out.

    These are layers, not eaters, so they’re more like pets. (My mother, who kept a couple hundred chickens at a time when she was young, doesn’t get the idea of chickens as pets.) Ruby seems to think she’s a cat, and she’ll curl up in my daughter’s arms and go to sleep. The Speckled Sussex we have tends, as a breed, not to like being handled that much, so we mostly leave her to herself. They certainly come right up when they see you, and they like to play with the dog until she gets carried away.

  • Mel Loveland

    Dear Tom,
    I was searching for images of Chickens and up popped the photo of your dog & chicken. My pup is IDENTICAL to your pup! My dog, Jaeger Marie, is a rescue pup and we have never been able to figure out what kind of dog she is other than Great Hunter of Treats. May I ask where you got your dog? I’d also be glad to send you photos of Jaeger.

    I did search out your name and see you are an Author and write for the Catholic News Service. Kudos to your for all of our success including the books you have authored.

    I own my own business, Daddies Board Shop, LLC, in Portland, Oregon.

    Hope to hear back from you! I’m just struck by the resemblance of our animals.