Sexting and Teens: The Myth of Safe-Sexting

Offered with my standard caveats about “studies,” here’s your depressing factoid of the day: high-school students appear to be texting sexually explicit photos of themselves at a rate of about 20%. Previous studies had put the rate for high-school kids closer to about 13%, with college students admitting to either sending or receiving sexually explicit [Read More...]


Everything is a phobia these days. It’s not possible, for example, to have a complex position on the ability of two people of the same gender to marry. That opinion is meaningless because it must be based in an irrational  fear, and thus it’s nothing more than a manifestation of “homophobia.” (Let’s leave aside that [Read More...]

Book Sculpting


Strange and beautiful, these book sculptures by Alexander Korzer-Robinson are created by sealing old books with glue and carving down through the pages to create layered works of art. Gorgeous. My Kindle will one day be landfill. It will never be art. My library of some 6,000 volumes will one day be someone else’s to [Read More...]

Tolkien + Lego + Videogames=AWESOME!

Awwww-yeaaaah! Coming this Fall: And don’t forget to accessorize with the new Lego Lord of the Rings building sets. There are some neat preview movies at the official Lego site. [Read more...]

The Cyber War: Dispatches from the Battlefield

In “The Coming Global Cyber War,” I wrote about some of the more frightening developments we can expect as computer/viral warfare evolves. Recent viruses such as Stuxnet, Duqu, and Flame are showing the path towards a dangerous future in which terrorists and foreign governments can damage our industry, power, and transportation with viral attacks. This is [Read More...]

Shakespeare’s Curtain Theater Discovered

England’s second permanent theater was built by the actor-manager James Burbage in 1576. Burbage called it …  The Theatre. (Look, they were making the greatest works of drama in the English language at the time: they couldn’t be bothered  to come up with a good name as well.) Not far away, in Curtain Close, Shoreditch, another [Read More...]

Monday Morning Chicken


The girls are enjoying the posh digs we made for them: a nice coop with plenty of run and a spot to roost. What more could a chicken desire? (Bella the Ineffective Chicken-Herding Dog is the background.) [Read more...]

Saturday Morning Song — “Are You Washed in the Blood?”

Alan Jackson’s Precious Memories is an essential album any way you slice it. The arrangements are meant to evoke how these hymns might have sounded in the Jackson family living room while he was growing up, with simple guitar, piano and organ backing. It had gone out of print for a time, but the demand [Read More...]