Saturday Song — “The Lord’s Prayer”

In honor of Brian Wilson turning 70 this week, here’s a very neat clip of the Beach Boys doing their a cappella version of the Our Father, along with some interesting commentary from Carl. I’m sending this one out to Steven Greydanus, who needs a crash course in the BBs stat.

YouTube Preview Image

And let’s not forget their lovely cry of joy to God: “Our Prayer.”

YouTube Preview Image

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  • K T Cat


  • Gary Chapin

    Nice, “deep cut” choice there. I had not heard either of those before. My BB knowledge is pretty lowly, but I’m not sure I need a deep BB knowledge. “Sloop John B” says it all.

  • Colin O’Brien

    Excellent! “Our Prayer” reminds me a little of Poulenc.

  • Mary P.

    Thank you, Frank! This is wonderful!

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    You’re welcome! But my name’s Tom.

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    Sloop John B does indeed say much, but there are many moments of brilliance just waiting to make you smile. Like this one!