Send eBooks to African Seminarians

And as long as we’re talking about Brandon Vogt, you can still contribute to his Africa eBook project, which is the kind of merger of faith and tech that we need. Brandon wants to send CD-ROMs full of classic and contemporary Catholic eBooks to seminarians in Africa. At first, being the privileged first world technut that I am, I thought, “Can’t they just get most of those texts from CCEL?” But, of course, internet support is spotty in Africa, and a CD-ROM full of texts is permanent, easily portable, and doesn’t require a live connection.

Brandon’s effort have been so successful that he’s expanding the project. He’s only looking for a couple of bucks for you, so go ahead and help a seminarian get access to the classics of our faith.

And if any of those seminarians are watching, they should make sure they enter our contest to give away a Logos Catholic Scholar’s Library.

Here’s a good video of Brandon channeling Sally Struthers and Fr. Barron as he explains the project. This, folks, is how you do new media for the Church:

YouTube Preview Image


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