Have You Entered to Win a Super-Duper Logos Catholic Scholar’s Library?

There are only a couple days left, so enter now.

Seriously, how could you not enter this contest?! Even if you’re not Catholic. Even if you’re not Christian. Even if you don’t have a computer. Even if you’re not a sentient life form! How could you miss this rare opportunity to grab the single best Bible study software ever created in the whole history of people creating Bible study software. Yes, I mean it: it’s even better than the Bible study software created by the Hittites, those slackers.

Right now your odds of winning are pretty good: about 1000:1. By comparison, your odds of being injured in a chainsaw accident are 4,464:1. Which would you rather have? Bible software full of Catholicy goodness? Or a chainsaw injury? Don’t stop to think about it! You already know the answer.

This is the Mother of All Bible Study Packages. It includes the powerful Logos Bible Software as well as a vast library of Catholic scripture study, Bibles, history, theology, the complete Church Fathers, a generous selection of texts from the saints and councils, a hyperlinked Catechism, Hebrew and Greek language resources, and more. There are about 400 texts in this set, which is the largest package currently offered by Logos. It normally costs $790.

All you need to do is click this link or scroll straight to the bottom of this page and give them your name and email. That’s it. When Brandon Vogt winds up winning this software and doing his wonderful-awful Dance of Gloating with his giant F4F foam finger, you’ll slap yourself on the head and say, “I really wish I’d entered that contest.”

Housekeeping note: I’m out for the rest of the weekend, doing research on the book of Sirach and a Powerpoint on teaching the Psalms.  Admit it: you so wish you were me right now. Honestly, I wish you were me right now.

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