Monday Morning Chicken

We had a broiling hot day at home while we were away last week, and since my chickens aren’t broilers, we were concerned. They get weird in the heat, bite each other’s necks like little henpires, flop over like boneless chicken, and do this freaky thing where they spread their wings out halfway, like they’re putting on deodorant. Heat can actually kill chickens pretty quickly, so with the mercury heading into the 105 degree range, our neighbor was kind enough to buy bagged ice for the chickens to sit on, which was nice, except now their drumsticks are frozen. They survived, and, as you can see, Amber was intrigued by the silver back of the iPad, or was it the Apple logo?

[NOTE: I understand some Mac users are having trouble seeing this, so here's the YouTube link.]

As a bonus, here’s a nifty little educational film from 1937 about a poultry farm:

YouTube Preview Image
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