Pakistan: Christian Nurses Poisoned Because of Their Faith

It’s a horrifying story, and the details are still sketchy:

Eleven Pakistani Christian student nurses were allegedly deliberately poisoned with mercury on Sunday, July 29, 2012, at the Civil Hospital in Karachi.

According to one of the affected nurses, a colleague had made the tea for them and after 10pm they immediately fell ill after drinking it.

The nurses were taken to the Civil Hospital’s emergency ward and sent back after treatment. They developed complications the next morning and had to be taken to the hospital again.

Three student nurses were in very critical situation two went in ICU and one is on ventilator rest five is now in general ward. All the student nurses were Christians.

Chief Nursing Superintendent Mrs. Nasreen Gill said that a First Information Report (FIR) has been launched against unknown person and added that they are investigating how this incident took place and stated that they will do “a crystal clean investigation.”

Rumors initially suggested that the poisoning occurred as the nurses were drinking tea while their Muslim colleagues were fasting during the Islamic holy month of Ramzan (or Ramadan).

This is not first time that Christian nurses have been victims in Pakistan and before this incident there have been many other incidents of this kind.

The local media of Pakistan is not exposing this news and none of the Pakistani TV channels are featuring this story.

It’s one of those crimes the American media don’t feel they can report because they may whip up anti-Muslim sentiment among us mouth-breathering Americans, particularly now that they finally have their first actual white supremacist mass murderer. (Did you notice that it took a couple hours for the tragic shooting at the Sikh temple to be labelled “domestic terrorism,” but we were lectured for months about how we shouldn’t jump to conclusions about the motives of Nidal Hasan?)

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  • Reluctant Liberal

    This is obviously a tragedy, but the media fails to report on all kinds of stories. Like for instance, the fact that a mosque in Joplin, MO was burned down the other day (and this was the third fire on that property). The media also mostly ignores that hundreds of civilians that are being killed in drone strikes in Pakistan (we bombed multiple funerals there). I don’t think there’s any kind of concerted effort to suppress news about violence against Christians, I just think we have a really lousy media.

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  • Svend White

    A terrible, shameful story. I think Reluctant Liberal makes good points, though. More specifically, regarding MSM discussions of the Sikh temple shooting, I think you are mistaken. To contrary, many outlets were surprisingly cautious about applying the “T word” to this case despite all the obvious reasons to do so from the outset. Also, many in the media were quite remiss in the way they dwelled at length at his “mistaken” targeting of Sikhs rather than Muslims, implying that this attack had no relevance to any other communities when that is anything but the case. There was nothing “mistaken” about his targetting of brown, culturally-different people for violence, whatever their religious background. This was about race, not theology, but many media outlets devoted most of their time to explaining the differences between Sikhism and Islam.