Rome Reports: Vatican Publishing House Signs Deal with Apple

The Pope’s books are coming to Apple devices, probably via iBook.

One of the treasures of my Logos software is the healthy chunk of Ratzinger/Benedict content, all of it hyperlinked and searchable. I’d never give up print, but I do love my ebooks for research and convenience.

PS: Am I imagining it, or does the reporter really say “electronical”?

YouTube Preview Image

H/T Brandon Vogt via Facebook

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  • Joshua

    Not imagining it, I heard it too.

  • victor

    As long as they don’t insist on using that awful faux-parchment background for the eBooks/iBooks, I’m game.

    And words like “electronical” are just the Rome Reports value-add!

  • Ken

    If he did say it, you should send him an electric mail.

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  • Stephen J Matheson

    Do you not mean electronic?

    If not an electric mail will be quite a punishment, especially for his postman!