This Guy for President: 2016

I think I’ve been pretty clear about my disdain for our two party system, particularly for the way in which the Republican Party has abandoned core principles of conservatism in favor of corporatism and imperialism. I like Ron Paul, but more in a nutty-uncle way than in a leader-of-the-free-world way. Honestly, America doesn’t need a libertarian Yosemite Sam for president, even if he’s right most of the time.

His son, however, is a different case. He’s like a finished version of initial software release: Paulbot 2.0. He smooths his father’s rough edges and that slightly kooky vibe into a statesmanlike mien, while preserving the message of small government, respect for life, and general minding-our-own-businessness.

I liked this speech to the Value Voters Summit, where he quoted Dostoevsky in speaking of arriving at his faith through “a fiery furnace of doubt.” He talks about his struggles with his Christian faith, particularly as a doctor treating suffering patients. It’s a humane, intelligent reflection on God, pain, war, abortion, euthanasia, liberty, and government. Watch it all.

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  • Paul O.

    This is good. Very good.

  • Ellen

    I’m very proud that he is my senator. Dr. Paul also operated on two members of my family – I know that a lot of his patients miss him. He is a smart, thoughtful man. I can support him.

  • Loud

    wow, what an eloquent man. How is it the Rombot was chosen instead of this dude? Not that I dont have respect Mr Romney, but seriously??