The Earliest Biblical Painting?

Judgment of Solomon

Is this it?It comes from a house in Pompeii (buried by volcanic ash in 79 AD) and is believed to show Biblical scene of the Judgement of Solomon. Bible History Daily has the whole story. Theodore Feder writes: In the building known as the House of the Physician, excavators found a wall painting clearly depicting King [Read More...]

Gnostic Pawn Stars

“Would you like to pawn it or sell it?” Courtesy of Catholic Memes via Chris Smith via Pinterist. If Karen King had just walked into Gold and Silver Pawn, Rick and Chumley would have straightened her out. My other posts on the Jesus’s “Wife” Hoax can be found here.   [Read more...]

Burial in Ancient Israel Part 4: A Biblical Interlude

Dore used just about the only method of burial NOT practiced by the Israelites for his "Burial of Sarah"

This is an ongoing series about graves and tombs in the ancient Levant, from the Paleolithic Period until the time of Christ. The entire series can be found here. I want to pause at this point and turn from the archaeological record to the Biblical record to see what evidence we have for burial and [Read More...]