Beautiful Tech

These photos from inside Google’s data center are making the rounds of the interwebs today (ht to Joseph Susanka for the link). They’re a startling glimpse inside the beauty of elegant technology, with a little help from the photographer’s art. You can take a self-guided walking tour, or just check out this gallery of photographs.

Can photography be art? Can tech be beautiful? You tell me:

For those wondering about the colored conduits and pipes, here’s a little overview of Google’s energy use and cooling needs.

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  • victor

    As someone who has worked the past 14 years in and out of ginormous Data Centers, I’m past the point where I could ever view photographs of them as anything other than literal representations of noisy, labyrinthine, dehumanizing citadels of soul-sucking ennui.

    Painting the chiller pipes up in bright colors, though, does lend the spirit-crushing agondy a certain whimsical touch, though, not unlike being slowly tortured to death by someone wearing a clown mask.

  • Ted Seeber

    Try printing up “Unauthorized Personnel Only” signs and sticking them on doors at random.