New Bra May Detect Breast Cancer

First Warning Systems has been working on a high-tech sports bra that may be capable of detecting breast cancer. Sensors in the bra monitor minute temperature changes that can accompany the growth of blood vessels associated with abnormal tissue development. This data is collected and wirelessly uploaded to the First Warning software, which uses a proprietary process to analyze temperature patterns and fluctuations to determine if a tumor is present.

First Warning says the bra “must maintain close contact throughout the testing period.” I’m a bit vague on how long that testing period lasts, but due to the natural temperature changes the body experiences in day, it has to take some time to produce a large enough chunk of data for the algorithms to do their work.

The developer is claiming they’ve put the system through three clinical trials with a total of 650 people, with a 92.1% accuracy rate. Routine mammograms are about 70% accurate.

Until they publish a clinical report, those claims will remain suspect, but if it’s true, it’s good news for breast cancer detection.

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