Add Some Lego to Your Advent

Or some Advent to your Lego. Either way, these are a big hit along with standard candy Advent calenders and, of course, the Advent wreath and all the rest.

Yes, they’re expensive. Welcome to the world of Lego. It lasts forever. (My kids still play with my Lego.)

Lego City Advent Calender.

 Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar.

Lego Star Wars Barrel Organ of Awesomeness
It's Advent in Lego City!
How To Offend a Teenage Girl Geek
Lego: Habemus Papam Edition
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  • victor

    Hmmm.. Looks fun, but $40-50? Perhaps I could make my own, using just the Lego bits that are under the couch. Grab up a few of those weekly pill organizers (one for each week in Advent) and drop a few Lego pieces into each compartment. The kids can figure out how they’re supposed to go together.

  • Roger

    There is very little if anything worthy of advent in this. It’s hardly capable of preparing one for anything except embrassing the pathetically shallow worldview of Christmas. An atheist could buy this kit for their child and not be offended by it.

    Lego probably isn’t the way to go. Don’t take Christ or the Mass out of Christmas.