Jim Henson: How to Make Puppets

I’m finally home, and taking a couple days just to clean the house and soak up some time with family and presents, but Open Culture has a great 15 minute video full of ideas for kids on Christmas vacation. Jim Henson and friends teach you how to make puppets out of that fabled thing: “Ordinary Household Items.” Puppets are popular at Casa McD, so I imaging we’ll be gluing stuff to tennis balls and potatoes over the next few days.

Enjoy the rest of your break, and may the light of the season continue to fill your home with love and warmth.


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  • http://www.pinocchios.net Sean Keohane

    Thomas, Jane Henson, Jim’s wife, has long been interested in medieval Nativity scenes, and has even produced a live Nativity with puppets based on English mystery plays… which has popped up at least once each year here in Central Florida. The Jim Henson Workshop in New York made most of the puppets, and in the past Jane has donated performances to local religious schools, like St Margaret Mary and Orlando’s St James Cathedral School. We’re a member of the Fra Angelico Institute for Sacred Arts.
    This link is to a review of one of last year’s performances for those who might be interested: