Millions of Mummified Dogs…

… discovered at Saqqara, the ancient Egyptian city of the dead.

During routine excavations at the dog catacomb in Saqqara necropolis, an excavation team led by Salima Ikram, professor of Egyptology at The American University in Cairo (AUC), and an international team of researchers led by Paul Nicholson of Cardiff University have uncovered almost 8 million animal mummies at the burial site.

Studies on their bones revealed that those dogs are from different breeds but not accurately identified yet.

“We are recording the animal bones and the mummification techniques used to prepare the animals,” Ikram said.

Studies on the mummies, Ikram explains, revealed that some of them were old while the majority were buried hours after their birth. She said that the mummified animals were not limited to canines but there are cat and mongoose remains in the deposit.

“We are trying to understand how this fits religiously with the cult of Anubis, to whom the catacomb is dedicated,” she added.

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My question: wouldn’t you think a dog/jackal-headed god would be displeased with millions of dead dogs?


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  • victor

    Buried hours after they’re born… That’s ruff.

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    I have an ancient Egyptian curse, Victor, and I’m not afraid to use it.

  • victor

    Don’t you mean you have an ancient Egyptian cur? ;-)

  • Warren Jewell

    Maybe this is the result of an ancient animals-testing lab for researching best-human-mummification techniques?
    “Holy Annubis! This stuff you put together completely dissolved three dead puppies! Mark it up for ‘enemies of the Pharoah.”

  • Cassandra

    what if this is just ancient animal control? when our animals from the county shelters are unearthed centuries from now, I wonder what religious significance will be assigned.

  • Robert King

    Don’t worry, Victor; our gracious host is all bark and no bite.

  • Loud

    hmm.what if they only kept animals consodered “fit”, but mumified the ones put down so as not to offend the wacko god of dogs?