Amazon Takes a Bite Out of Apple’s MP3 Business

One of the little irritations of the iOS ecosystem is the inability to purchase digital media from anyone but Apple. With Amazon’s Cloud Player now stuffed full of MP3s ripped directly from your CDs, it would be nice to be able to also purchase from Amazon’s MP3 store directly from an iPhone or iPad. Apple, thus far, has made this impossible.

Amazon has found a way around that at a new url: You can tap twice to buy an album or song, which will then appear in the cloud player on all your systems.

New MP3 files will not, however, download to your device: you’ll need to download it on a PC or Mac and then add it iTunes for that.

And here’s a bonus alert for you: the Bach Guild box set of Beethoven is now selling for 99 cents. I’ve recommended Bach Guild sets in the past, and this is another great deal: 176 tracks for a buck.

PS: In other discount news, Angry Birds Rio (iOS, HD and standard editions) is free for a limited time.


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  • victor

    Thanks for the Beethoven tip. Downloading that now. But I’ll see your Beethoven box and raise you all 270 Bach organ pieces, recorded on baroque pipe organs across Europe, for FREE:

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    Pretty awesome find, Victor.

  • victor

    Thanks! I’ll need to keep my eyes peeled for the next time Kibbie is playing in Ann Arbor. But after listening to the first 20 or 30 of the Bach pieces though I’m becomming more and more convinced that Ada Lovelace stole an analytical engine from Charles Babbage and went back in time and gave it to Bach to prove her point to Babbage that it could also be used for writing music. This is the only way I can rationally explain Bach’s prolificness.