Aliens Over the Vatican!

Or, you know … not.

Here’s the “story“:

A UFO was caught on tape by the BBC as the world awaited the naming of the new Pope.

The object, caught as the camera showed a view of the Sistine Chapel at night, is circular and glowing a strange red color. The UFO doesn’t move at all, which seems to rule out the possibility it’s a balloon. Even a drone usually makes more movement. Why would there be a drone over the Vatican?

And here’s the video:

YouTube Preview Image

There aren’t enough “eh”s in “meh” to capture my thoughts on this one.


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  • Kathy Schiffer

    I was in Rome last year, and looking at the Dome of St. Peter’s from our rooftop, we could clearly see…. Bats! Lots of them, circling the Dome and captured in the Vatican’s lights.
    Nothing to see here, folks…. now move along….

  • victor

    Welcome to the post-Christian West: “When a Man stops believing in God he doesn’t then believe in nothing, he believes anything.” -Not Chesteron

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    Batman is a Catholic!

  • The True Will

    Francis is a Reptiloid! Francis is a Reptiloid!

  • Robert King

    Apparently, a lapsed Catholic, practicing Episcopalian (when he practices any religion).

  • Erika

    It’s the TARDIS. Duh.

  • BobTanaka

    So, a stationary light in the night sky counts as a UFO now? Jeeze, the tinfoil-hat crowd is getting desperate!

    “Proving the Church is truly universal, even faithful from among the advanced cockroaches of Nebula M came to welcome the Holy Father!”