Free Audio Bibles On Amazon Today UPDATED

I don’t know how long this offer will be available, but I just got an IFTTT alert about a free version of English Standard Version, which is a decent translation.

It’s Protestant, and thus incomplete, which is bad. But it’s free, which is good.  The readers are … variable: some fine, some … eh.

I have a few audio Bibles, and use them quite a lot. You can get the MP3s for Old Testament and the New Testament as separate $0.00 purchases.

UPDATE: As Victor points out in the comments, you can also get King James (Old and New), New Revised Standard (Old and New), and Contemporary English Version (Old and New), as well as Bibles in various language. All free, for now.

For all languages, click here.

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  • victor

    Looks like the King James’ versions are on sale for free as well… in case one needs olde-style Bible quote samples for their latest Christian techno track.

  • Mike

    But of course, not free Catholic Bibles (except Douhay Rheims). At some point we have to decide is it better to sit on the copyrights or to actually get the Bible in to the hands of everybody.

  • Faith Comes By Hearing

    Thank you very much for letting your readers know about our Audio Bibles. I just wanted to let you know that we do have a recording of the NAB and are currently working diligently with the CCD to re-establish permission to offer it in the same way as our other recordings. As an ecumenical organization we very much desire to have God’s Word available to all who want to hear and in a version and language that best meets their needs. We even produced a Latin Ne0-Vulgate New Testament recording with the church in 2011 and the Biblia de America in Spanish last year. One final note – all of our digital distribution (Amazon, iTunes, our website, etc) will always remain free of charge. Thanks again for the post!

  • victor

    Wow! You guys have been husy! I will keep my ears open for the NAB version!


    Good morning!
    Thanks for letting your readers know about our Audio Bibles. Also, we have a free Bible app called offered on the App Store and Google Play. We have over 700 Bibles, many of which include text. Please download our free app by visiting
    or download it at Google Play –
    or in iTunes –

  • Deaf

    Thank you so much for this article! We would also like to share that we have the Deaf App. For the Deaf community who can’t listen to the audio Bibles they can access God’s Word in American Sign Language on our Deaf App which will soon have other indigenous Sign Language Recordings as well!
    Please download our free Deaf App by visiting or download it at Google Play – or in iTunes –