See How Mel Blanc Did All Those Voices

Courtesy of OpenCulture, here’s a look at the voice of Mel Blanc, whose amazing vocal range and skill at characterization brought most of the Looney Tunes characters to life.

How do you “see” a voice? You stick an optic laryngoscope down Mel’s throat and have him talk, which is just what one clever ENT did. The result is an oddly fascinating look at a man who had complete mastery of his instrument. Each voice has a different shape and motion, and Mel’s control is as absolute as that of any great singer.

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Also from OpenCulture: if the title Walt Disney’s The Story of Menstruation makes you snicker, think again. This is a fine educational film from the 1940s, with good narration, excellent animation, and a very light touch of humor.

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And ladies, remember: avoid constipation!



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  • victor

    This site has the weirdest pr0n.

    In all seriousness, the Mel Blanc video was very interesting. The shift in vocal foldage from Barney Rubble to Yosemite Sam was quite striking.