Jew-Hating Has-Been Wants You To Pay Attention To Him

I used to love Pink Floyd and Roger Waters. I collected everything, spent countless hours listening to them, and paid good money to see Waters solo in concert twice (Hitchhiking and Radio KAOS tours). 

It’s funny, but I started listening to them less and less–particularly the later, Waters-dominated material–as I got older and recognized the immaturity and hatred at the heart of his intellectual posturing.

Waters does not have a subtle mind, but he imagines he does. He is the Otto of prog rock. (Imagine Jamie Lee Curtis saying, “What kind of fascism is this, Roger?”) I’m sure he imagines he’s writing very profound material, but anyone out of his teenage years who still thinks The Wall or The Final Cut is really deep, man, needs to read a book or two. It’s self-indulgent high-school level claptrap.

So it came as no surprise that Waters thinks he’s being provocative and making some kind of statement by channeling Julius Streicher and slapping a Star of David on a pig covered in various fascist symbolism.

The juxtaposition of Jews and pigs appears in various antisemitic propaganda throughout history.

The image to the right of Jews suckling at the Devil’s Pig is just one example of the way people used pigs to denigrate Jews. Muslim propagandists today routinely lump Jews in with apes and pigs in order to dehumanize them.

That’s okay, though. For the Smart Set, the Jews are the new Nazis because shutup!

Yawn. I can find the same kind of claptrap on al-Jazeera or Democratic Underground 24/7.

But hey, it works! Roger goes from “whatever-happened-to?” to multiple articles, and now people know that the guy who didn’t sing “Money” is on tour! And since many of them are already Jew-haters (it’s a disease that never goes away), it’s a perfect win-win for Waters.

Waters has been dressing up in fascist drag for decades now, acting like he was making an anti-fascist statement. At some point, if you wear those cool leather jackets and swastika-like crossed hammers in front of thousands of chanting and cheering people, you begin to think, “This is kinda cool.” You become what you hate.

PS: And, yeah, I know that doing what I say not to do makes me a hypocrite. I’m okay with that.

UPDATE: If I’m remembering my Floyd lore, the floating pig is Waters’ icon for capitalism, so the offensiveness goes even deeper, calling to mind images of “money-grubbing Jews.”

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  • Procopius

    Rush > Pink Floyd QED

    Anyway you will probably get some enjoyment out of Cracked’s Guide to Progressive Rock

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    Well of course Rush is > !

    I still love prog, BTW. Early PF, up to maybe Obscured by Clouds, and then Wish You Were Here are still worth a spin. But the rest…

  • victor
  • jscalvano

    Just wanted to say I was listening to A Farewell to Kings while reading this article. So, yeah Rush is awesome.

  • Manny

    I didn’t know this about Pink Floyde. I was never a huge fan but I did like a few of their songs. Is it just Waters or the rest of the band as well?

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    Nah, the other Floyd guys (Glimour, Mason, Wright) were just blokes. Gilmour is still great.

  • Manny


  • JefZeph

    I used to love Roger too. Loved Radio KAOS and saw him on that tour as well.

    I woke up to his idiocy when he tried to take credit for the Berlin Wall coming down. What a tool.

    BTW, slick insertion of the Wanda reference. Did we hang out together in the ’80′s?

  • BillYeager

    It’s just so much easier to hear the applause and back-slappery from high up in your tower of ingratiation. Pig? Star of David? (and other symbols), together? Representing something? ARGH!!!!!!! Anti-semite!!1!!!1! Anti-Semite!!1!!!1!

    Or . . .

    Maybe . . .

    A criticism of the State of Israel

    But apparently that’s anti-Semitic too. Or too anti-Semitic. Either way Roger is *clearly* saying something bad about the, well we’ll say the Jews, but it’s probably about a whole lot more than that, but faux-outrage about a perceived slight against a people who must never be criticised, well that’s money in the piggy-bank.

    Quick question, if I may, how does one get to criticise the State of Israel without hearing the screeching accusations of being labelled an anti-Semite?

  • thanatos

    wow. you totally don’t get it, do you?

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    I’m a surprised it took a full 24 hours for the “criticism of Israel is not antisemitic” diversion.

    Sometimes it is. Sometimes it isn’t. I think most of the time criticism of Israel is just cover for antisemitism. Given that the same people who heap contempt on the Jews can’t bestir themselves to direct similar outrage at the grotesque human rights violations in the rest of the middle east, I ‘m pretty sure that it’s just plain ole Jew-hate.

    There’s an entire Muslim world that could take in the so-called “Palestinians.” Jordan is as much their homeland as Israel, but … whoops! The Palestinians tried to assassinate the Hashemite king and overthrow the Jordanian government, so no, not welcome there either.

    You did know all this, right? I mean, you’re not just shooting off your face without all the facts, right? Because if you were, and you just assumed evil intent on the part of Israel, well … that’s kind of antisemitism, too.

    And even if all that didn’t matter to you, you still think the pig/Jew thing is a-okay even though the Nazis, and now the Muslims, routinely liken pigs to Jews, and the Muslims like to say that Jews should be slaughtered like pigs?

    Okay then. Enjoy your concert.

  • BillYeager

    What is it about religion that encourages so much dishonesty?

    Your scathing article about Roger’s, alleged, anti-Semitism should be able to support itself, right? It shouldn’t need to rely on dishonestly brushing off valid concerns about it’s impartiality, or lack of, by asserting from the outset of your reply that my question of acceptable criticism of the State of Israel is a ‘diversion’.

    Then, what’s depressingly amusing (to death) is that you follow that dishonesty by answering “Sometimes it is. Sometimes it isn’t”. Vapidly excused by your subjective speculative opinion that ‘most of the time criticism of Israel is just a cover for anti-Semitism’.

    Wasn’t that my whole complaint, that it is nigh-on impossible to criticise the State of Israel without being accused of anti-Semitism? Isn’t your answer to that just a stereotypical case-in-point?

    Worse, still, is your continued dishonesty by attempting to excuse your whitewash of the issue by alleging that the ‘types’ of people who seek to criticise the State of Israel generally won’t speak out against the dysfunctional Muslim world, as if highlighting the dishonesty of one group excuses the dishonesty of your own.

    How about this, I’m atheist, I despise all religion as the poisonous, insidious mental illness it absolutely is. I criticise the State of Israel as equally as I criticise the Palestinian State or any, ANY, country, social group, or individual who continue to be psychologically toxic and socially dysfunctional.

    You assert that Roger Waters is a ‘Jew-Hating Has-Been’, yet your only evidence is that he is critical of Israel. So how would it be acceptable to you for Israel to be criticised? Would it require that for every negative opinion or assertion about Israel, one has to be made about the ‘enemies of Israel’, in order for the criticism to be considered worthy of consideration and not necessarily evidence of anti-Semitism?

    Knee-jerk much?

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    Usually I delete and ban mindless attacks on religion from mindless atheists, but yours is such a thing of purity–huffing and puffing and diverting and never once addressing the problem of using pigs to insults Jews–that I’m going to leave it up.

    In the meantime, here’s a book for you:

  • Gary Chapin

    Aren’t we precious … “well, you know, the early stuff had merit, before they were popular … ” Hipsters rule!

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    Yeah, yeah … you know the dynamics changed as Waters’ ego took over.

  • TheodoreSeeber

    I’m surprised any of them are still alive, with all the drug abuse.

  • Gary Chapin

    Richard Wright is dead … though he had been clean for years. Floyd were mainly a pot band. Not a lot of fatalities in pot.

  • Gary Chapin

    Yes, the dynamic changed. Let’s cast our mind back to after Animals. Here’s the scene: the Pink Floyd classroom

    Teacher: Okay, class it’s time to write a new album. Anyone have any ideas? Yes, Roger, I see your hand. Anyone else? No? We don’t want Roger’s ego to take over. Richard? Why are you playing with that talcum powder? Nick, stop looking at that car magazine? David? Nothing??? Okay, Roger, what do you have? TWO ideas? Really? Save one of them for your solo album … your ego is REALLY taking over.

    Which isn’t to say I disagree with the point of your post at all.

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    Unless you’re a Twinkie and a bag of chips.

  • TheodoreSeeber

    My problem is that the Palestinians don’t just include Islamics, they also include several varieties of Christians.

    For this reason, I’m anti-Zionist, but I’m not anti-semite. In fact, given that Arabs are also sons of Abraham who is a son of Shem, wouldn’t being anti-Muslim also be anti-semite?

    I think we need some new terms.

    Oh, and I’m definitely anti-Muwahiddun, and I’m not very keen on the Caliphs either, and I’m certainly NOT in favor of the various royal families in the region, all of which appear to be rather corrupt.

  • TheodoreSeeber

    All you have to do to criticize Israel without being antisemitic is refer *directly to Israel*. In its modern, Zionist form.

  • bawoman

    Jew hater?Seriously?You obviously haven’t been paying much attention to any of Rogers work, the work you seem to have been such a fan of.

    Has been?Tell that to the 50 thousand people who have been going to see him every night all over the world for the past 4 years.

    In any case, Waters has been most succesfull in getting what you claim he wants, hasn’t he?Your attention, and the readers of this article attention.Thanks for doing the job for him, but he doesn’t need it.