Little Kids Just LOVE “Call of Duty”!

And, as if on cue, Activision once again shows its utter tone deafness by releasing children’s toys based on Call of Duty.

The sets feature locations, figures, weapons, and vehicles from the games, which should not be played by anyone under age 17. These aren’t collectible action figures, which might be said to have an adult audience, but Mega Bloks, the Lego knockoff squarely and solely marketed to children.

Mega Bloks already had Halo, Warcraft, and Skylanders sets, but each of those games has a somewhat younger audience. Even though Halo has moved into M-rated territory, it’s nowhere near the hyper-violent experience of Call of Duty.

Those denials that the game industry doesn’t market mature product to kids are getting less and less convincing.

Right now, with headlines blaming CoD for the shooting, Mega Bloks has taken down their CoD website and scrubbed their site of references to the product line.

Smart move, but too late.

Can someone put the adults back in charge, please?


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