The Mainstream Media School of Religion Reporting …

… most recently on display in the awful reportage about the Pope Francis interview, is illustrated by an old, old joke:

A man goes to a psychiatrist and says, “Help me, doc! I can’t stop thinking about sex!”

The doctor puts him on the couch and begins to show him ink blots. “What does this one look like?” the doctor asks.

“A penis,” the man says.

“And this one?”

“A vagina,” the man says.

“And this one?”

“That’s two people doing it in bed.”

The shrink puts down the pictures and says, “You’re right: you are clearly obsessed with sex.”

“Me?!” the outraged man replies. “You’re the one showing me all the filthy pictures!”

* * *

That, in brief, is how the sexually obsessed media–more interested in covering Miley’s gross, sad little bump-n-grind than a looming attack on Syria–transfers their sexual obsessions to the Catholic church.

Our job is to preach Christ, and him crucified, for free. Their job is to sell ads and papers to a decadent culture.

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