Gay Pagan Sex Offenders to Wed in Prison UPDATED

To quote Ace, “O Sweet Meteor of Death, why do you tarry?”:

The bride will don a traditional white veil. The groom will wear a Grim Reaper cloak.

The two men will step into a Wiccan circle to exchange vows and rings before being ushered back to their respective units at the Special Commitment Center, the state’s institution for sex offenders on McNeil Island.

Their relationship is unlike most.

When Hank Pollock and his transgender bride Rebecca [sic] Elmore tie the knot Thursday, they will become the first two residents to marry each other.

“Just because you’re in there, you don’t lose your civil rights,” said Chris Case, a spokeswoman for the Department of Social and Health Services, which operates the SCC. “Washington law says they can get married so they can get married.

“Basically this will not change their lives in any way except they will be legally married.”

The ceremony will cost the state nothing but will be rewarding for the couple.

It will be the first time they are allowed to kiss or hold hands.

Aww, isn’t that sweet. The charming couple will get to kiss and hold hands. See, they’re just like us!:

Elmore was already there after pleading guilty in 1995 in Clark County to second-degree kidnapping and second-degree assault with sexual motivation. When Elmore petitioned to be released in 1999, the state Attorney General’s Office persuaded the judge to deny it based on Elmore’s “sexually-motivated cannibalistic fantasies.”

In 2002, Elmore changed his first name from Keith to Rebecca as part of his transgender transformation.

Pollock, who changed his name from Andrew Drescher in 2002, was convicted of five counts of sex crimes against children in Kitsap and Thurston counties from 1987 to 1993. He was committed to the SCC for being a repeat sex offender. 






A transvestite child rapist and a rapist/kidnapper with cannibalistic fantasies are allowed to get married in an occult ceremony  in a state facility?

Because … why? Because we’ve gone totally insane? Because a facility for sexually violent predators is the perfect place to indulge their sexual perversions and delusions?

Is there any ending of this scenario that doesn’t involve a girl in a hole being told to put the lotion on her skin?

One of the nasty little pervs explains what it’s really all about at the end:

“We’re ready to stand up and start working on our rights as a married couple.”

And there you have it: deviants with too much time on their hands and wicked minds looking to game the system a little more.

Me? I’m left wondering what kind of happy endings their victims got.

Update: There’s a ranty bit of nonsense in the combox that echoes this idea of the “rights” of these prisoners. Let’s be clear: prisoners do surrender rights, starting with the right to freedom, the right to vote, the right to privacy, and the protection from search and seizure. It’s not like you enter prison with a full list of rights that you share with those who are free.  Why should a brand new “right” like gay “marriage” be gifted to them without question?

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