Have a Happy

Some quick housekeeping notes:

  • Thanks to all of you for reading, and for those who use my Amazon links or Buy the Blogger a Cup of Coffee buttons. God bless you on this day of national Thanksgiving, on which we remember the good things God has given us.
  • I’m coming to the end of my program, with two weeks of classes left before I finish the work to become MASTER OF THEOLOGY! That’s like being Master of the Universe, right? Early next year I sit for a six hour comprehensive exam split between general theology and my area of concentration (history), and then I’m done. This can only mean one thing:
  • I’m going to be introducing a new regular feature for a few months, just to see if the interest is there. It’s a daily (M-F) call App O’ The Mornin’, which I used to have on my game blog. We’ll see how it flies.
  • I’ll be off almost completely until next Monday, but tune in early Friday morning for an announcement and deal from Verbum Bible Software. That’s all I can say for now.
  • Don’t forget the return of the Mystery Science Theater Turkey Day Marathon.
  • May God protect all travelers this week, and may God’s blessings be upon you all.


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  • http://www.brandonvogt.com/ Brandon Vogt

    So excited about you attaining the Master’s degree! Big accomplishment, man.

  • Thinkling

    Should I read your Logos comment to mean you have advanced notice as to the Black Friday announcement? Just askin.

    And many congrats on finishing your degree. And yes, I’ll have fries with that. [grin]

  • Bill Burns

    My MA is still fresh enough for me to remember the trememdous relief. Congratulations! May you use it well.