About That Satanic Monument…

Those funny li’l folks from the New York “Satanic” (Baphomet, but nevermind) “Temple” (club of overgrown teenagers) who want to build a monument to the devil (who they don’t believe in, but nevermind) at the Oklahoma (Where they don’t live, but nevermind) capitol?

No one is actually offended by this, are they?

I mean, these are pitiable, damaged people looking for someone to pay attention to them, and stand not a snowball’s chance in their favorite place of generating anything more than headlines, which they’ve already achieved. Someone will place one somewhere eventually, and who cares? The country is littered with ugly, pointless statues. As Sean Dailey observes, “If the culture war comes down to who has the most monuments on state government property in Oklahoma, then the culture war was over years ago, and all we’re doing now is divvying up the spoils.”

They may, however, be onto something.

When I was a teenager, I thought I was joining Satanism but read the sign wrong and wound up practicing Stanism:

Hail Stan!

So can I build a statue?

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