Even “Trivial Pursuit” Isn’t Safe

I got my daughter a Trivial Pursuit page-a-day calender I found on sale. She’s been enjoying it. Then we got to today’s entry:

So, we began the day with my daughter asking, “What’s a lap-dance, mommy?” And the pornification of America continues, drop by drop.

Thanks Hasbro!

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  • Kim Whelan

    Day by day… or page by page… it is everywhere. :(

  • Michael Bayer

    Thomas, the game is advertised for ages “16 and up” by its manufacturer.

    Sincere question: do you think it is realistic that a 16 year old (living in the year 2014 in the United States of America) would not have heard the term “lap dance” ?

    I have worked in several dioceses doing youth, college, and young adult ministry, and I can assure you that, even the most sheltered of home-school students have heard considerably more unsettling phrases than “lap dance.”

    Perhaps Trivial Pursuit for Kids would be more appropriate if your daughter is under the age of 16 and episodes such as this concern you.

  • http://www.godandthemachine.com/ Thomas L. McDonald

    A) It was a calender, not a game, and had no age listed.

    B) The child was significantly younger than 16.

    C) The inclusion of the phrase “lap-dance” in a product from a company that prides itself on being family friendly is certainly their choice, but it merely introduces deviant sexuality in a place it has no business being. If you want your daughters giggling over strippers, be my guest. The rest of us would probably prefer not to.

    D) Read the bio and the combox policy please, and don’t automatically go ballistic when a comment isn’t approved. If it’s not hate (another “Church of the Pedophiles” comment like I had earlier), and merely disagrees, I will let it through when I next check in.

    E) Except for people who call me names on Twitter.