So This Exists…

Because screw it we’re putting the Everclear straight in the whipped cream!

I love the future.

Update: I see some were already leaning on the PANIC!!!!1! button with this one, just as they did with Four Loko, which us old folks just call Irish Coffee.

OH EM GEE college students is getting drunk on it because it’s sweet and they don’t feel the buzz! Because sweetness and alcohol have never been combined before!

Hey, I can relate. Here’s a Short Story With An Edifying Lesson for you:

In high school I had a mess of sloe gin fizzes one night out with friends, ’cause they go down easy and fast.

I got sick.

I didn’t drink sloe gin fizzes again.

Teh End.

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  • likes2lurk

    You may not “love the future” so much if it’s your kid that ends up in the emergency room.

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    I’m not too worried since I taught my kids not to be frigging idiots. This habit of throwing helmets and rubber bumpers and new laws around everyone’s lives because a tiny handful of young people might act like fools is not the way a free people live. Fear is not a valid lifestyle choice.

  • Gary Chapin

    I woulda bet money the “I love the future” line was delivered archly.
    after Rum ‘n’ Coke, is there really any room for the sweet alcohol outrage?

  • TJPW

    I’m pretty sure this stuff has been around for a while. I heard about it long ago, at least.

  • Roki

    Because I think of this every time I hear (or read) “sloe gin fizz”:

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    Great album.

  • likes2lurk

    Not sure where you came up with “helmets and rubber bumpers and new laws,” maybe from another thread that I am not aware of? The purpose of my comment, although perhaps a tad snarky, is to point out that this product, like Four Loko, has the potential of causing serious harm and people should know about that. College kids are dying regularly from alcohol-related causes, and to just chalk it up to them being “idiots” is not necessarily helpful, IMHO.