Who Lives Like This?

And what is the matter with them?

Two broken people get together, spend $72 on liquor, $3 on food, talk about meaningless things, have meaningless sex, and act shocked when their emotions are shredded like a cheap tissue. And then, she totals up her expenses for this evening of self-abuse passing as sexual liberation:

Date night:
$37, bottle of vodka that was used in flask
$35, beers
$3, pizza
$6, condoms

Morning after:
$1, apple I gave him so he wouldn’t be hungry
$50, plan B
$20, lost cemetery tour ticket
$3, egg and cheese sandwich
$2, artisanal ginger ale
$12.49, box of oxyclean for blood stains
$8, laundry
$25, dinner with best friend to analyze why he wasn’t calling
$12, book he recommended that I was now curious about
$2, box of tissues to cry about his disappearance
$10, pregnancy test
$50, STD test

Total cost: $276.49, my dignity, my optimism

Blood stains? STD test? Abortifacients? Oh ho-hum and ha-ha just another night in the life of the Girls-watching heirs of Sex and the City.

And WTF is “artisanal ginger ale”?

Even young, I didn’t act like this. More than drugs, more than war, more than economic turmoil, and certainly more than religion, the most destructive force of the last 100 years was the sexual revolution. Severing sex from love and marriage and procreation, commodifying it, and changing it primarily (rather than incidentally) to a recreational activity has destroyed the family, damaged our psyches, and killed our spirit. This sad little bleat is just one snapshot out of billions of moments and incidents and lives that make up a ruined and fallen world.

We can’t keep doing it. Human dignity demands more, and only L’amor che move il sole e l’altre stelle can ever provide the answer.

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  • http://atlantarofters.blogspot.com The Sanity Inspector

    A century ago, the incredibly prescient G. K. Chesterton had some tart things to say about the coming revolution which “exalts lust and forbids fertility”.

  • Jakeithus

    That sounds like an incredibly depressing evening/morning to me.

    In an online discussion over the way some social conservatives often give a free pass (relatively) to violence, while speaking out strongly against depictions of gratuitous sex in the media, I too raised the issue of over the past 60 years, about whether or not the sexual revolution was ultimately more damaging to our culture and to individuals than the glorification of violence.

    If you add up the social and personal costs that are incurred because of broken families, fatherless children and unrestrained sexual activity, I think you can make a very good case for the incredible destruction of the sexual revolution. Unlike something like violence, sex is far more insidious in its attraction, and has a way of working it’s way to the very core of a person.

  • Maggie Goff

    Mary Eberstadt lays it all out in here: http://goo.gl/iEmlFT

  • http://www.geeklady.wordpress.com/ GeekLady

    I don’t understand it either and I’m only about 10 years older than them. The whole experience sounds hellish and even at 23 I’d prefer to have spent the evening curled up with a book.

    …*redacted*. I just realized I was already married 10 years ago.

  • http://www.godandthemachine.com/ Thomas L. McDonald

    I was married at 22. Living like this never even occurred to me as an option, and I was already lapsed at that point.

  • http://ashesfromburntroses.blogspot.com/ Manny

    How patheitic. That was one of the most repulsive blog posts I’ve ever read. Who would actually brag about it? How classless.

  • irena mangone


  • http://lmpogoda.com/ Łukasz M. Pogoda

    I was not. The case described above is something I was dreaming of being a teenager.

    Despite some faith and religious activity, as a kid I’ve been infected by pornography. Thus, sex had become a common drug, miserable orgy of self-abuse.

    Promise of unrestrained sexual activity, and instant gratification lead me away from faith, because I could not reconcile my sexual cravings with the teaching of Church.

    I’ve been not debauched enough to truly follow that part into Darkness, and I’ve been still craving for love. Yet, despite I have been having a life partner for years, I’ve been objectifying her and planning infidelity instead of growing up and taking her a wife. After years, the relationship fell apart (and as you may suspect, it left my then-better part broken).

    Then I had taken another mate, and that should be described as a shameful sex circus. A plenty of satisfaction but without real fulfillment, leaving a void.

    It was my fault, mea maxima culpa. Some of you may call my story also a disaster, but hopefully, with God’s aide it is slowly turning into right direction.

    Finally, after two broken relationships, at age of 28 I met my current wife. Thanks to her strength, with an aid of child we produced I finally grown up. But I wouldn’t be here writhing this pathetic story if not the Lord.

    My kid – indirectly – led me back to Church. Church, which for this time of darkness was only reminiscence. There come the time for Holy Communions and I attended mass for a few times. Not due to real need but because my kid had to.

    And now is the best part of it. It was Easter. Smart priest, in wake of Feast of Mercy asked parishioners to recite The Chaplet of The Divine Mercy immediately after the mass (before I could flee). This prayer was like a hammer. Or, better it is to describe it as a ram breaking all the gates of sin. I started to pray. It was my only prayer. Yet, it was like breaking barred windows – light started to shine on my unhappy soul.

    Finally, being 38 I married mother of my kid and rejuvenated my faith.

    I could say “end of story”, but I think it is just a start…