OneNote Is Now Free

Microsoft’s OneNote note-taking app is now free for Windows and Mac. I’m just putting this out there as a public service; not because I use OneNote: I don’t. I’m downloading it as I write this post.

I’ve done everything I can to scrape as much Microsoft as possible from my computer. I use Scrivener and OpenOffice for word processing, PostBox for mail, and Chrome for browsing. I haven’t updated my version of Office in a decade. The only MS thing on this PC magazine editor’s machine is the OS.

And yet … I’ve heard good things about OneNote from non-crazy people who say it’s “Better than Evernote.” So, I’m giving it a try. Due diligence and all that. Go and do likewise. Or don’t. Life will go on.

Also, I’m just go to put this link right here and not tell you what it is. Consider it your amuse-bouche. If you’ve read this site for a while, you’ll know why this gives me a warm and happy feeling, and download the demo yourself. Unless you’re a Mac user, in which case…

I’m sorry. That was small and petty. Here’s a spider monkey riding a capybara in reparation.

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