Reinventing the Bike, and Making it Worse

This thing is called the Fliz, and it’s all kinds of wrong.

It’s a sorta-bike, but not really. Rather than pedaling, you kind of scoot along. And instead of sitting on it, you sort of hang from it, with part of the frame encircling your neck (!), and straps under your groin (!!).

Because whenever I think of new technology and progress in the area of personal transportation, I imagine crotch trauma, almost-certain spinal injury, poor line of sight, and looking like a complete twit all in one hideous yellow European package.

And it’s not even new! It’s a throwback to a precursor of the bike called the Dandy Horse, but with added benefit of crushed testicles.

The bicycle is good, plain tech that remained fundamentally unchanged for a couple hundred years for a solid reason. It works.

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