The Argument from Misunderstanding How Natural Selection Works


In my last post, I examined four (bad) arguments for the existence of God presented by Tim Keller in Chapter 8 of The Reason for God. I call them the Argument from Inexplicability, the Argument from Fabricated Probabilities, the Argument from Wishing, and the Argument from Regularity. As I’ve often pointed out, not only are arguments [Read More...]

Four (Bad) Reasons for God


When I first picked up Tim Keller‘s book entitled The Reason for God, I did not expect that out of fourteen chapters he would only devote one to offering any actual arguments for the existence of God. I’m not sure what I expected, but after all the hype from my Christian friends and their pleading with me [Read More...]

Groundhog Day: Finding Purpose Even If There’s No Tomorrow


This next Tuesday is February 2nd, which means it’s time once again to talk about one of my favorite movies of all time: Groundhog Day. Few movies have stimulated as much philosophical and theological debate as this one has.  There’s so much that could be said—and already has been said—about this movie.  About a decade after the movie’s [Read More...]

Removing the Fig Leaf: A New Blog About Sexuality Without Shame


Abrahamic faiths have never been very big on celebrating the human body. While some religions revel in our inherent sensuality, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam each in their turn have taught us not to feel completely at home in our own physical selves. It all started, you see, with a fig leaf. Well, not really. That’s just a story [Read More...]

Changing Gods In Midstream


Halfway through his book The Reason for God, Presbyterian minister Tim Keller pauses for an “intermission” in which he pivots from his previous misrepresentation deconstruction of “the seven biggest objections…people in our culture have about the Christian faith” to lay the groundwork for part two of his book, the part in which he finally gives [Read More...]

Religious Freedom Is Under Attack!…Again?

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[Today's guest post is written by David Simms, a graphic designer and web developer in Alpharetta, GA, with special thanks to Dr. Camille Lewis for digging up a number of key sermon excerpts originally compiled here.] “We’re in a bad fix in America when eight evil old men and one vain and foolish woman [on the [Read More...]

Watch Godless in Dixie on The Atheist Experience (Video)


This past weekend I had the honor of speaking to three different groups in San Antonio and Austin, Texas. My hosts were gracious and the groups were very warm and welcoming as well, as they always are. I particularly want to write about my experience addressing a room full of trainees at the local Air [Read More...]

Upcoming Godless Trips: Austin, San Antonio, and Arizona


Attention folks in central Texas and southern Arizona!  Godless in Dixie is coming to your neck of the woods/desert in January and February. It’s still very early in the year, but the first two trips are already on the books. This weekend, I’ll be coming to visit the Freethinkers Association of Central Texas in San [Read More...]

The Most Fantastically Failed Prayer in History


Defenders of the Christian faith love to move discussions about their religion from objective matters to subjective ones, from measurable things to the immeasurable, and from quantifiable subjects to those which are completely nebulous—or more to the point, unfalsifiable. This is a telling compulsion, and every time it happens it reminds me why I eventually lost [Read More...]

Preacher Says Atheists Prey on Fear, Prejudice, and Ignorance


I used to think the Christian faith equipped individuals with superior tools for self-analysis and critical introspection. Boy, was I wrong on that one. I started out my journey away from faith fully expecting to find that non-Christians are far less self-aware than Christians, allowing vices within themselves which the high standards of the Christian [Read More...]