Six Testable Claims of the Christian Faith, Plus One Prayer Challenge


About a year and a half ago I wrote a piece about taking the Bible at its own word and how, if you truly take it seriously, I don’t see how you could come away still believing its claims. You have to play fast and loose with what it actually says, and you have to [Read More...]

Updated Summer Itinerary: Now with More North Carolina


Attention, North Carolinians!  I’ve added one more stop on the Godless in Dixie summer tour. The Triangle Freethought Society is having me come talk to them about “The Rise of the Nones: What it means, and what it doesn’t” on Monday, June 15, the day after the Sunday Assembly in Nashville. So if you’re in the [Read More...]

The Absurdity of Inerrancy


Even on its own terms, an inerrant Bible is an absurdity.  I’ll explain what I mean in just a second. First, not everyone feels obligated to give the Bible the benefit of the doubt. They will first look at the external evidence, and when they do they will find that major elements of the biblical [Read More...]

Each of Us Has “A Beautiful Mind”


[In honor of the unfortunate passing of John and Alicia Nash, today I'm reposting my article about A Beautiful Mind and the way that it illustrates how we all struggle with our own beautiful minds, learning to separate fact from fiction.] Just because I self-identify as an atheist doesn’t mean I consider opposing all forms of religion [Read More...]

The Church Doesn’t Get to Make the Rules About Sex Anymore


A few weeks ago a young friend of mine wrote a guest post for me entitled “Sex as a Southern Woman: A Story of Shame.” In that piece, she explained what it’s like coming of age as a sexually active woman in the Deep South, where even the teachers of Sex Ed un-ironically refer to [Read More...]

Godless in Dixie Summer Tour: Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta, and California


I may very well be coming to your area this summer!  If you live near any of the following cities, I’d love to have you drop in to hang out, get a bite to eat, or come listen to one of the talks I’m giving. For a more detailed breakdown of where I’ll be, see [Read More...]

Evangelists: God’s Pick-Up Artists


If you’ve ever peered into the creepy world of pick-up artists you’ve probably heard of “negging.” Negging is a technique whereby the pick-up artist discovers and exploits a vulnerability in his target in order to get her off balance just long enough to take advantage of her insecurities for his own purposes.  Maybe that means [Read More...]

Penn & Teller Headlining at Apostacon in September


This year the conference that previously brought you both Neil deGrasse Tyson and Lawrence Krauss will be bringing in Penn & Teller to headline in the Night of Magical Inquiry, September 18th at the DFW Airport Marriott.  Tickets for both Penn & Teller and for the rest of the conference (Sept. 18-20) are now available (link [Read More...]

Let the Stars Be My Guide


Nothing clears my head like a starry night. When I was a young boy, I used to entertain myself by standing on my balcony, gazing at the moon, the stars, and the planets through my telescope.  Looking up at that sea of twinkling lights, it fascinated me that, upon closer inspection, some of those lights [Read More...]

Baptists in Denial: Millions Who Left the Faith Were Never True Christians


On Tuesday of this week the Pew Research Center released an updated study on the continuing “rise of the nones,” and the news isn’t good…or is fantastic, depending on who you are.  Situated as I am in the world of religious writing, my newsfeed has been a flurry of rapid fire opinions on this subject [Read More...]