Leaving Your Faith Isn’t as Self-Flattering as You Think

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[Today's guest post is written by Brian, aka "The Apostate," who writes at A Pasta Sea] I suspect that the very existence of apostates might be a bit of an inconvenience for Christians. Not all apostates obviously. Many fit the preferred narrative quite well. These are the folks raised in the church who “go astray” [Read More...]

If You Have To Believe, It Probably Isn’t Real

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When I was little, my parents taught me to believe there was a person who was always watching me, keeping record of all the good things and bad things I do. I couldn’t see him, they told me, but somehow he could be anywhere and everywhere without any limitations of time or space. I shouldn’t [Read More...]

Evangelicals Have a Hard Time Seeing Racism


In response to the grand jury’s decision not to try the NYC police officer in the choking death of Eric Garner, evangelical pastor David Murray recently wrote: I want to stand with my African American brothers and sisters. More than that, “I’m all in” with them.  And that’s why I’m scared. Because I know that for [Read More...]

Big News for Godless in Dixie in 2015


I’ve got several exciting (for me) things to announce: 1. First Funding Milestone Reached In addition to teaching high school full-time, I’ve held down a weekend retail job for the last four years.  Until recently I worked Saturdays and Sundays, which gave me a 7-day work week for nearly three years straight (but of course income inequality [Read More...]

Religious Belief and the Incurable Disease


[Today's guest post is written by Pete Eisenmann, a former Vineyard church planter from South Carolina.] I’m not sure when I actually made the choice. I’m sure that it was early on in my relationship with my wife, but I didn’t want anyone to pray for my wife’s health any longer, at least not in [Read More...]

Why I Keep Talking to People Who Won’t Listen

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There are a lot of different ways to be an atheist, just like there are a lot of ways to be a Christian, or a Muslim, or a Hindu, or whatever it is that you are.  I often say there are many Christianities, so that it’s difficult to address the whole family of subcultures at once. [Read More...]

It’s a Religion Too, Not Just a Relationship


I spent 20 years devoting my life to the Christian faith, and during most of those years I wholeheartedly believed I was in a “relationship, not a religion.” I was taught to see the Christian faith as unique, exceptional, and so much better than all those foreign religions and cults out there because theirs were [Read More...]

The Deep South Needs Atheists Who Don’t Leave


[Today's guest post is written by Matt Oxley, who writes at RagingRev.com] There are a couple things everyone assumes about the people they meet here in the town of Eastman, Georgia:  You probably vote Republican, and you probably self identify as a Christian, whether or not there is any evidence of that identification in your [Read More...]

Why Can’t You See the System Is Rigged?


Once again, a black man was killed by a white cop, and the cop wasn’t even brought to trial.  New York City police officer Daniel Pantaleo put Eric Garner of Staten Island in an illegal chokehold which inadvertently caused him to asphyxiate and suffer an asthmatic attack, leading to his death.  The whole thing was [Read More...]

Do Atheists Have Faith?


If I had a nickel for every time someone told me that atheists have faith, too, I could quit my day job.  Okay, so maybe that’s an exaggeration but I probably could at least afford a pretty decent steak dinner.  It’s very frustrating to hear and it’s not for the reason the person saying it [Read More...]