Why Do Intelligent, Well-Educated People Still Believe Nonsense?


Last night for the third time in as many months I found myself explaining to someone raised outside of a devoutly religious environment that religious people are not stupid simply because they believe nonsensical things. Each of the three times I’ve had this conversation it’s been with a different person whose professional life has increasingly [Read More...]

The Two Main Reasons I Left My Faith


A first-time visitor to Godless in Dixie asked me this week why I went from being a Christian to being an atheist.  I get this question pretty regularly, and I always like to take the opportunity to think back each time to see if the way that I myself understand the transition has changed any [Read More...]

Football Team Runs Out Brandishing the Christian Flag


…in where else but Mississippi? Did you even know there is a Christian flag?  Anyone from Mississippi knows this because growing up Baptist we saw it marched into the sanctuary on special occasions. It’s even got its own pledge. I pledge allegiance to the Christian flag and to the Savior for whose kingdom it stands; [Read More...]

When Your Faith Behaves Like a Predator


For the past week or so I have been battling chronic pain unlike anything I’ve ever encountered before.  About an hour after falling asleep each night, I wake up in excruciating pain that starts immediately behind my left eye and spans the short distance to my left temple, radiating out from there to the rest [Read More...]

Why Abrasive Atheism Will Always Sell Better


People often approach me to tell me how much they appreciate my tone when I write and speak about leaving my former faith.  Of course, I do still offer criticism when I feel it’s appropriate, but I don’t resort to name calling, belittling, or impugning the intelligence or character of those who disagree with me. [Read More...]

On the Sexualization of Science: A Response to Jerry Coyne


[Today's guest post is by Melissa Chen, a geneticist at MIT and the editor of the Global Secular Humanist Movement] Accusations of “mansplaining” erupted the other day after the illustrious evolutionary biologist and best-selling author Dr. Jerry Coyne posted some views on his website that drew the ire of some feminists, though notably, many female scientists [Read More...]

The Christian’s Wager: Why Faith Is a Bigger Gamble Than Disbelief


This weekend I was speaking with a new friend who worked in hospice care during a transitional time in her life. Like many of us who deconverted from religious faith to atheism, she wondered how the change of thinking would affect her outlook on death and the brevity of life. Working around death for a [Read More...]

Blood Moons and the Gullibility of American Evangelicals


Two Sundays from now, parts of the world will get to witness yet another lunar eclipse, this time the fourth in a set of four (aka “tetrad”).  To astronomy enthusiasts, this is just another lunar eclipse, but to many evangelical preachers and their wide-eyed congregations, this signals THE END OF THE WORLD. Or maybe not [Read More...]

Evangelical Christianity and Low Self-Esteem


Like most swimmers, I try to get in some laps almost every day, but there is only one health club with a pool within decent driving distance from where I live. It doesn’t call itself a Christian gym, but it plays primarily Christian music overhead, holds prayer meetings and Bible studies, and incidentally it also [Read More...]

Aron Ra Interviews Godless in Dixie on the Ra-Men Podcast


This week I was a guest on The Ra Men Podcast (Episode 29) with Aron Ra.  We talked about what it was like deconverting from evangelical Christianity, and we spent a good bit of time discussing the convoluted thought processes people in that position go through as they work their way through their questions. We [Read More...]