Advice for Our Young Apologist Friends


This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the launch party for a new “secular ministry” called Life After God. You may recall at the beginning of 2014 how former Seventh Day Adventist pastor Ryan Bell embarked on a yearlong journey to see what difference it would make to live each day “as if [Read More...]

Christianity Has a Major Boundary Problem


Holiday season is upon us, and that means many of my fellow deconverts will once again be facing their families for the annual “Come to Jesus” speeches, the subtle and not-so-subtle attempts at evangelism, and in general the myriad forms of manipulation that have kept them at a fair distance for all the other months [Read More...]

On the Futility of Using Jesus to Make People Care


This week my social media feeds have been utterly consumed by one single topic:  What should be the American response to the Syrian refugee crisis? Of course, Syria isn’t the only country producing refugees, but the story being told is that it was Syrian refugees who unwittingly provided cover for a handful of violent terrorists [Read More...]

Setting the Record Straight: Correcting Tim Keller’s Faulty Historical Vision


To hear Tim Keller talk, you’d think the Christian church was responsible for every progressive social step forward that Western civilization has taken. In order to support this idea, Keller turns in chapter four of The Reason for God to address the developments of the Abolition movement and of the Civil Rights movement in the Unites [Read More...]

Straw Skepticism in Tim Keller’s “The Reason for God”


I simply cannot take seriously a book which misrepresents my own views as consistently as does Tim Keller‘s The Reason for God.  I am only on chapter three and already I’ve encountered enough straw men and red herrings to make me want to quit reading. And I haven’t even gotten to chapter four, which is [Read More...]

Tim Keller and the Problem of Suffering and Evil


Christian theology has wrestled since its inception with the problem of evil. Generally speaking, they believe that God is a being who is completely good, who is everywhere present all the time, who has all power, and who knows everything that has ever happened and everything that ever will.  In other words he is omniscient, [Read More...]

Selection Bias and the Christian View of History


Tim Keller must read history through a highly specialized pair of lenses, because what he sees when he looks back is very different from what I see. In the first chapter of his book The Reason for God (see my treatment of his introduction here), Keller introduces two or three lines of argumentation which he will [Read More...]

I’m Reading Tim Keller’s “The Reason for God” So You Don’t Have To


I really don’t like reading books on apologetics. It’s a tedious chore even making it all the way through the book, and substantively interacting with one is mentally exhausting because for every single word it takes to put forth a bad argument it takes ten to adequately debunk it.  But in every decade there seems [Read More...]

Mississippi Votes Against Its Own Best Interests, Again

Ballot Box With Hand Voting

Yesterday my state voted against adequately funding my children’s education. I’m just heartsick this morning. So incredibly disappointed.  And the voting results don’t even make sense when you add them up.  They only make sense when you consider who opposed this initiative and how they went about defeating it. Last year 200,000 Mississippi residents signed a [Read More...]

When State Representatives Try to Kill Their Own Educational System

Desk and chairs in classroom

This fall after teaching high school and middle school for 15 years, I finally turned in my lanyard and took a break from teaching.  I can’t tell you for certain that I’ll never go back because who knows what the future holds? But I can tell you what made me decide to leave the classroom. [Read More...]