Help Me Do What I Do Through Patreon


One of the quirks of being me is that I don’t like asking for help. Growing up I also seem to have absorbed the notion that “real work” involves making things, doing things with your hands, fixing things, etc. Writing was never a job that I saw modeled as a for-real job.  But it turns [Read More...]

The Greatest Story Never Told


Do you know how many people the Bible says were raised from the dead on Easter weekend? When Christian friends engage me in debate about the reliability of the Bible, I like to ask them that to see how well they know the book they so revere. One of the hallmarks of fundamentalism is the [Read More...]

The “Nones” vs. the “Dones”


By now you may have heard of “the nones,” those religiously non-affiliated Americans who now make up nearly a quarter of the overall population and a full third of Americans under the age of thirty.  The press and the media have begun to take notice and lately we’ve seen a growing number of stories drawing [Read More...]

This Week on the Humanist Hour: Godless in Dixie


Of all the labels I embrace at this point in my life, Humanist tops them all.  I have often said that while I accept the “atheist” label, it doesn’t tell you enough about me because it only answers one question: Do I believe in any gods?  The answer is “No,” but that only tells you about what [Read More...]

Once Again Mississippi Shoots Itself in the Foot


My family is an Ole Miss family through and through.  In fact, I am the only one of us who didn’t attend Ole Miss at one point or another. I was evidently too spiritual and chose to go to a nearby Baptist college instead.  But everyone else in my family has roots in the University [Read More...]

The Irony of Pessimistic Ex-Believers


[Today's guest post is by Kile Jones, founder and editor of the Claremont Journal of Religion.] It’s understandable to get frustrated over people unwilling to challenge their own assumptions and beliefs. That family member whose certainty is as blind as it is foolish. The fundamentalist you keep debating on Facebook that cannot fathom the idea [Read More...]

Even Metaphorically, the Bible is Wrong About Women


Two thousand years ago, ancient Mediterraneans believed that men should tell women what to do and never vice versa.  Because of the culture freezing power of religion, many modern people still hold to the same belief even now.  For example, in Saudi Arabia women still aren’t free to vote, drive, or go out in public [Read More...]

Why Evangelical Christianity Doesn’t Make You a Better Person

Mega Church

This past weekend I had to cut a much needed vacation short in order to make it home in time to catch my youngest daughter being baptized by her grandfather at my family’s megachurch.  While I quit attending more than three years ago, their mother still faithfully brings them to church two or three times [Read More...]

Will Evangelicals Ever Learn to Embrace Evolution?


In the late summer of 2012, I was teaching a 7th grade World History class when I ran into a snag at the very beginning of the school year.  Our state educational standards called for me to briefly discuss how scientists determine the dates of early human communities as well as how they trace “early hominid evolution in Africa [Read More...]

When Beliefs Are “Too Big To Fail”


Have you ever heard of a bank or other financial institution being “too big to fail?”  That phrase has been thrown around a lot since the housing bubble burst in 2007, setting off what came to be called “The Great Recession.” The long, slow deregulation of the banking industry allowed some of our wealthiest lending [Read More...]