Maybe God’s Just Not That Into You


I recently wrote a post entitled “Why I Broke Up with Jesus” and it generated a decent amount of buzz.  I think a lot of people identified with it because, like me, they had been led to believe that God was a person who could be known in actual experience.  We had been taught that God [Read More...]

Why I Reject Hell and Why You Should, Too


I have lost my patience with this Hell business.  Completely.  Not too long ago, a reader wrote me this note: “I was raised a fundamentalist, I took my faith very seriously, and I took it so seriously that eventually it all just disappeared. It couldn’t handle the contrary evidence, and eventually it just fell away. [Read More...]

The Boxers of Christianity

work horse

[Today's guest post is written by Brian, aka The Apostate, who writes at A Pasta Sea.] Earlier this week, Deanna posted about the narcissism of preaching. She paints an all-too-common portrait of members of the clergy. I have trouble finding fault with it. My only counterpoint would be to suggest something I’m sure she’d have no problem admitting. [Read More...]

The Motive of the Questioner Is Beside the Point


When a system of belief lacks evidential support, it must compensate for this weakness by surrounding itself with defense mechanisms.  These defense mechanisms do nothing to address the flaws themselves, rather they attempt to divert attention away from the vulnerabilities of the system, drawing fire in an alternative direction.  By far the laziest (and therefore [Read More...]

The Narcissism of Preaching


[Today's guest post is by Deanna M. Boudov] In the Beginning When you become a student of comparative religion you start to think that every religion begins with a narcissistic con man sporting a personality disorder.  I am thinking of you L. Ron Hubbard, and you Joseph Smith, kisses, mwah!  Then you have to wonder, [Read More...]

The Kind of Church that Benefits the World


Christianity has likely never been a single monolithic tradition.  Perhaps even from its outset it has always been more of a family of traditions, and often feuding ones at that.  I think it’s safe to say there are many Christianities, and there always have been.  That’s why it’s impossible to speak about one brand without [Read More...]

New Blog for Apostates on Patheos


When I first “came out” as an atheist in Mississippi, the reception was not warm.  In fact, it was sufficiently scandalous that more people didn’t talk about it than did.  Just last night, in fact, I spent an entertaining evening with a family I’ve known for a while but who to this day has no idea [Read More...]

Why I Am an Anti-fundamentalist (and not an Anti-theist)


Sometimes my approach to writing about religion rubs other atheists the wrong way.  They want me to come out with both guns blazing, using my otherwise useless seminary education to obliterate the religion of my youth at its roots, attempting to wipe out the entire thing.  I think that sentiment underestimates how deep-seated the notion [Read More...]

Games Christians Play: Making Your Faith Impossible to Disprove


My last post, entitled “Why I Broke Up with Jesus,” inspired a predictable set of rationalizations from people defending their tradition using the same time-tested tools I learned to use when I was a Christian.  I’m glad they did, too, because it brought into such stark relief those mental gymnastics which finally made me realize [Read More...]

Why I Broke Up with Jesus


About five years ago, I broke up with Jesus. Recently someone asked me why. There were plenty of reasons but one of the main ones was that he wouldn’t return my calls. Since I couldn’t get in touch with him, I asked some of his friends to explain to me why he wouldn’t get back to [Read More...]