Sex and Christianity Make Strange Bedfellows


In case you haven’t noticed, Christianity becomes exceedingly awkward around the subject of sex. For much of its history, the subject was taboo, to be avoided whenever possible. There was even a vague sense that the purest people shouldn’t have sex at all (see priests, nuns, monks, and the Blessed Virgin Mary). This doesn’t sell [Read More...]

Baptists Should Know Better Than to Declare the Bible the Official State Book


Earlier this month, state representatives in my home state of Mississippi proposed two separate bills which would establish the Bible as the official state book.  Both major political parties are represented in this attempt, and by many accounts this appears to have a groundswell of bipartisan support among state lawmakers.  Of course state symbols are [Read More...]

Freethought Groups Across the Deep South Need Your Help


Thanks to the support of readers like you, I’ve been able to reach the first funding milestone on Patreon and have thereby been able to devote more time to writing.  You may have noticed an increase in output over the last few weeks.  That’s been possible because the help I’ve received from friends has enabled [Read More...]

Rumors of the Bible’s Validation Have Been Greatly Exaggerated


It’s amazing how the same thing can look completely different when viewed from a different perspective.  Take archaeological evidence for the Bible for example.  When I was a Christian, my heart was strengthened by every article I read touting the hard evidence to validate biblical events like the trial of Jesus or the mass exodus [Read More...]

What Will Save Us from Our Own Subjectivity?


One thing that modern science and the Christian religion share is an appreciation for the fallibility of human beings. Both skepticism (which lies at the heart of the scientific method) and faith (particularly the Christian faith) recognize that as much as we want to be rational beings, we don’t always do the logical thing. We [Read More...]

You Keep Forgetting to Take Up Your Cross


Recently a reader expressed indignation because once again I compared my leaving the Christian faith to growing up and “putting away childish things.”  It didn’t matter to him that once again I prefaced my comparison by acknowledging the intelligence of the people who don’t see it the same way.  He got defensive and told me [Read More...]

Your Religion May Be Harmful If…


People who read this blog probably find it difficult to decide where on the wide spectrum of atheism I should be placed. I probably sound like I’m talking out of both sides of my mouth.  One second I’m reaching across the religious aisle seeking to find common ground with natural allies and the next I’m critiquing [Read More...]

Who Is Jesus Galt?


By now you may have heard that later this month, two climate science denying senators will most likely become the chairs of two different Senate science subcommittees.  Marc Rubio, who claims that scientists are wrong about the human role in global warming, is the ranking member of the committee that oversees the National Oceanic and [Read More...]

Nim’s Island and the Reason For God


This weekend my girls and I watched Nim’s Island, and I was struck by something.  I’ll admit that it doesn’t come across as a very deep or serious movie.  In fact, it’s meant to be light and fluffy, ideal for children who scare easily (perfect for my girls, come to think of it).  The piratey [Read More...]

Everyone’s Agnostic Podcast


In case you haven’t read it yet, you should be sure to read yesterday’s guest post by my friend Brian (aka “The Apostate”).  Like me, Brian has a lot of Reformed theology in his background, and he understands how Calvinists think.  Like me, he was taught the presuppositionalist method of apologetics which essentially represents a retreat [Read More...]