Josh Duggar’s Rehab Facility Knows Way More About Recovery Than Those Silly Doctors


Over the last few days, a picture has begun to emerge which suggests that Josh Duggar hasn’t only participated in extra-marital dalliances, but that at least one in recent years may have bordered on sexual assault. Given the stories we’ve heard about the trouble he got into several years ago, it sounds like we have [Read More...]

My School System Really Doesn’t Get What the Establishment Clause Means


A few weeks ago I finally wrote out a little bit of the story of how and when I decided to start writing about my departure from the Christian faith, along with the consequences I encountered for doing so. I started blogging two weeks after that saga culminated in the loss of a teaching job, [Read More...]

Things You Don’t Get Back After You Leave Your Faith


A friend once asked me if I gained anything of value when I lost my faith. I wrote him a reply that I later decided to publish. Evidently a lot of people identified with what I wrote because TIME Magazine picked up that piece and republished it on their site as well. [Read "What I Gained When [Read More...]

Catch Godless in Dixie on The Friendly Atheist Podcast


I recently sat down to interview with Hemant Mehta of The Friendly Atheist for his podcast (located here). We talked about what it’s like being “godless in Dixie,” what it’s like being the only “out” atheist teacher at a highly religious public school, and what I’m up to these days. The interview is roughly 30 [Read More...]

Leaving My Religion Was Nothing Like Entering It


People love to say that atheism is a religion. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the smug assertion “I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist.” I know good and well what they’re trying to say, but I always want to ask them, “Does that mean faith is a bad thing now, [Read More...]

Why Grown-Ups Need Sex Ed Too: Exposing the Long-Term Harm of Abstinence-Only Teachings


[Today's guest post is written by Amber Barnhill, a single mother of two and a former fundy from Beaumont, Texas] I recently published an article about my experiences with abstinence-only sex shaming, er…”education,” and the discussions that followed showed me something really important. Even among progressives, the talk about this topic is almost exclusively focused [Read More...]

Herding Cats: The Godless in Dixie Guide to Wrangling Atheists Online


Christians go to church; atheists go to the internet. Seriously though. A Christian podcaster once vented to me that he couldn’t believe how inundated he got with feedback the day he dared to take on an atheist author.  He saw a huge spike in traffic and commenters kept him busy for the next three days. I [Read More...]

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To Abilene, Apostacon, and Beyond


Friends and followers of this blog may have noticed I’ve been getting around a good bit lately.  Some of these trips are to speak to groups who identify with what I write, but some are conferences I’m attending to help promote a couple of different upcoming projects. I should probably fill you in on what I’m [Read More...]

Body Shame 101: Lies the Church Told Me about My Own Sexuality


[Today's guest post is written by Kylie, a friend and former evangelical who lives in the Pacific Northwest.] We start getting messages about sex and the culturally approved ways of expressing our sexuality long before our bodies even hit puberty. From birth, we are surrounded by these messages and we absorb and internalize them in the [Read More...]

Help! My Husband Has Become an Atheist!


I often get contacted by deconverts who are married to still-believers and are trying to navigate the minefields of conflicting beliefs which their marriages have become. This week, however, I received a communication from the still-believing wife asking for help in understanding and loving her apostate husband. Here was her letter to me (personal details [Read More...]