God Does Exist


A couple of summers ago I spent entirely too much time in online discussion groups arguing with people about whether or not gods exist. I say "gods" because there were several being debated. Of course, where I live, everyone safely assumes that only one particular deity is even on the table for discussion. But the internet can open you up to a much wider world.For example, it was through participation in one of these groups that I learned just how futile and egocentric Pascal's wager really … [Read more...]

Evangelicalism: It’s Not Just a Messaging Problem


Rachel Held Evans recently wrote an honest and courageous reflection on the biblical story of Abraham nearly killing his son, Isaac.  She knocked it out of the park, in fact, and I think it’s one of her strongest posts to date.  Following the lead of Peter Enns, she challenges the notion that a high view of scripture must necessarily be accompanied by a high view of one’s own way of interpreting it.  It’s a valid point to make, one that I wish my Evangelical friends would more thoughtfully consid … [Read more...]

Federal Lawsuit for Marriage Equality Filed in Mississippi


[Today's guest post is written by Tom Lestrade of Jackson, MS] After just two short weeks following a dramatic expansion of legalized same-sex marriages by the U.S. Supreme Court’s declination to review Federal Circuit Appeals court rulings, residents of Mississippi have initiated the first federal level lawsuit challenging Mississippi’s ban on same-sex marriage. On October 6, 2014, the Supreme Court declined to review appeals from Virginia, Utah, Oklahoma, Indiana and Wisconsin. Virginia, whi … [Read more...]

Comment Policy for Godless in Dixie


The RULES OF ENGAGEMENT on Godless in Dixie are very simple.Rule 1: It’s my blog; I can do what I want.  This blog space isn’t a democracy.  It’s a personal blog, not a government entity. You can whine all you like about free speech, but in here bigotry and verbal abuse will not be tolerated, and in here it is up to me and the other moderators to determine when that is happening.  I’m a patient person, but if you verbally mistreat me or my readers, I will remove you from this space and not lo … [Read more...]

Your Love Is Toxic


Today I take off my gloves and shed my ordinary diplomacy to offer a stern word of correction for those who would claim to love me or anyone else who has “fallen from grace.”  Ordinarily I try to be as non-confrontational as I can be toward those still in the faith that I left, but today I will not.  Today, I am pissed off.Before you judge me for showing anger I’ll remind you that even your object of worship displayed anger at the times when it was the correct emotion to express.  Even Jesus fl … [Read more...]

Apologetics Isn’t for the Lost, It’s for the Saved


This weekend preachers, evangelists, and hobby apologists from all over congregated to participate in the 21st annual National Conference on Christian Apologetics in Charlotte, North Carolina. This year the event was hosted by Richard Land, who used to head up my old denomination’s Religious Liberty Commission but earlier this year assumed the presidency of Southern Evangelical Seminary. Noting that the religiously unaffiliated may one day overtake the faithful in numbers, Land sees apologetics a … [Read more...]

The Truth in My Dreams, the Lies in My Life


[Today's guest post is by Deanna M. Boudov, and is a follow-up post to her series on the adult children of Christian narcissists]I had two recurring dreams throughout my elementary school years.  In one, while I was sleeping an army cot would fall through the ceiling of my bedroom and open up next to my bed.  Then envelopes would rain down from my ceiling and a green army mail bag stuffed full of letters would fall next to the army cot.  After this my Dad would appear and sleep next to me.  H … [Read more...]

Absolving God from Hell


One day at the pool I saw a toddler almost march right off the edge of the pool deck and into the deep end. Her mother had called to her from across the deck, warning her in a very serious tone to STOP! RIGHT NOW! The little girl didn’t stop (you have met a toddler before, right?). In fact, after her mother’s warning she started walking faster, laughing hysterically. This whole scenario was delightfully entertaining to the girl, who lacked the maturity to understand that humans need oxygen, and t … [Read more...]

When All Good Sense Gets Left Behind


Time and money are far too scarce for me to spare either one to see the new remake of Left Behind, this time with Nicolas Cage instead of Kirk Cameron.  But let's be honest:  Do I really have to see it to know what's gonna happen?  I mean, sure, there are individual story lines and character development which I'm sure will be top notch (right?), but is that really what's important about this movie?  Will the target audience of this film franchise be flocking to see it because it represents the st … [Read more...]

Learning to Feel at Home in Our Own Skin


Recently The Atlantic featured an article entitled “The Health Effects of Leaving Religion.” The article discusses how, for the more devout, leaving your religion can negatively impact your life for years to come.  When your entire life is built around your faith, leaving it means having to start over again, sometimes from scratch.  You lose all your closest relationships, your hobbies, and some even lose their careers.  The isolation and disorientation this produces can throw you for a loop for … [Read more...]