God’s Not Gay: SNL Parodies the Christian Persecution Fantasy

By now anyone who reads Godless in Dixie knows that Pure Flix and the God’s Not Dead franchise hold a special place in my heart. My first somewhat viral hit was a critique of the original movie, followed by another fairly well circulated post about how the sequel to the first movie played out in my own classroom, except in reverse.

Read: “What I Learned about Atheists from God’s Not Dead.”

Read: “The Sequel to God’s Not Dead Happened in My Classroom, But in Reverse.”

Because the first movie sold out four weekends in a row in my home town, and because people where I live sincerely believe the people depicted in these movies really do think and talk the way their writers portrayed them, I couldn’t resist going to see the sequel and providing reviews of that one as well.

Read: “Persecute Me, Please: God’s Not Dead 2 and the Evangelical Lust for Victimhood.”

Read: “The Plot of God’s Not Dead 2 in <300 words.”

Well, now Saturday Night Live has gotten in on the fun and has provided their own parody of the Pure Flix franchise with this trailer, which could just as easily be entitled God’s Not Gay:

Naturally, this is the next logical direction to take the franchise, as fighting marriage equality has become the heart of the Good News of the gospel according to American evangelicals. According to them lately, Jesus died primarily so that gay people couldn’t marry, and the essence of following him now is to deny basic goods and services to them because God finds them icky.

Laugh all you like but I guarantee you the third installment in the GND series will be about this very thing.



[Image Sources: YouTube]

"People in the deep south think atheists are rapists or something."

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