My Interview with The Science Enthusiast Podcast (Audio)

A Science EnthusiastIt’s a busy week for me and podcasts! On Monday I posted an episode of the For god’s Sake Podcast hosted by Matthew O’Neil, and today I’m sharing an episode of The Science Enthusiast Podcast (Facebook page here) hosted by Dan Broadbent (A Science Enthusiast) and Natalie Newell (Skeptical Parenting).

In this episode I tell them a bit about my own story, and we had a really open and honest discussion about what it’s like living as a skeptic in the Deep South. I speak a little bit about how evangelical Christians seem to misunderstand what skeptics are about, and I also talk some about Christianity’s ever-present problem with respecting personal boundaries.

You can catch the video recording of this podcast on YouTube by following this link here, and if you like what you hear and see here, you should consider becoming a sponsor of their show via their Patreon page.

Be sure to comment below if anything in particular jumps out at you, and maybe include a time stamp in case it would benefit someone else in finding it.

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