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During the school year, for my day job I teach high school Algebra. Then I write in my “spare time” when I probably should be doing something else to help pay the bills (have you ever seen what teachers in Mississippi make?). Aside from a full itinerary of Daddy duties and a week in the woods volunteering as a cabin counselor at Camp Quest, I try to use any free time I get during the summer to catch up on writing I haven’t had the time to do during the school year.

One of these days I’m going to finally get a couple of books together to publish, and I have hopes that this year will be the one that sees one or both of those things happen. I also plan on producing some short videos for my YouTube channel, ultimately converting as many of my most popular articles into video format as possible.

So how can you help? I’m glad you asked :)

You can help me do what I do by either supporting me through Patreon or else by giving a gift via Paypal (my account is godlessindixieblog at gmail dot com) to help free up my time during what remains of the summer to catch up on these projects. If you’d like to help, please head over to one of these two places, or else email me at godlessindixieblog at gmail to find out other ways to help.

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Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for any news of upcoming trips and speaking appearances. Also if you’re new to Godless In Dixie, be sure to check out The Beginner’s Guide for 200+ links categorized topically on a single page.


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