Being an Atheist Doesn’t Make You a Better Person

In case you weren’t aware, there is a thing called the “atheist movement,” and it is a subculture of its own kind. Like most subcultures made possible by the Information Age, most days out of the year this community exists only online. Periodically, though, it manifests itself and assumes physical form when a conference date rolls around, as in fact it is doing this very weekend in Charleston, South Carolina. Right now my newsfeed is filled with pictures of friends… Read more

Why Losing God Hits Some of Us Harder

I wasn’t active in the skeptic movement long before I discovered how different my perspective on religion was from that of other atheists. In time I came to understand that people who have never been religious come to the subject as outsiders who cannot always sympathize with those who formerly were. But I most definitely was religious. Except I never would have used that word to describe myself. In fact, I would have recoiled from that word as I had… Read more

After God, Then What?

This summer I’ve been trying to work my way through outlining a book I’ve been wanting to write for several years now, but didn’t feel ready to begin. The biggest holdup, I think, was that I wasn’t sure which of two or three directions I wanted to go with the book. Truth be told, I probably have at least three or four books in me trying to get out. But for now, I’d prefer to start with the one that… Read more

Maybe Belief Is a Matter of Choice for Some

I’ve gotten into more than my fair share of interchanges with people on the internet arguing over whether or not faith is a matter of personal volition. Can you simply choose to believe in God or Jesus if you don’t already? And do people who leave the faith of their youth do so by choice? Or does it happen in a way that is beyond their control? I “came out” as an atheist four years ago by participating in something called… Read more

Help! My Grandchildren Are Becoming Calvinists

A retired friend of mine who now considers himself an agnostic has been struggling for some time to navigate his relationship with his children and grandchildren, all of whom are still religious themselves. In particular he’s been working through his differences with his daughter, now a thoroughgoing Calvinist, which precipitated a heated interchange over the phone a couple of weeks ago. In that conversation, my friend expressed frustration over the negative messages he knows his grandchildren are hearing about their… Read more

What’s Godless In Dixie Doing This Summer?

Followers of this blog have noticed a dropoff in posts over the last few weeks, and my friends on social media have additionally noticed I temporarily deactivated my personal Facebook account, leading a number of friends to check in on me to make sure I’m still alive. Lest anyone suppose that transhumanism is something that exists only in sci-fi novels peddling dystopian visions of the future, I’d recommend deactivating your Facebook account for a few days to see how people respond. It’s… Read more

What Bowling Can Teach Us About Prayer

I suppose I started celebrating Father’s Day a day early when I took my nine-year-old bowling yesterday, but of course that won’t stop me from doing it again today when I take her to my favorite place for catfish and hushpuppies (not a normal fare for a guy trying to keep from putting back on the 50 lbs or so he worked off a few years back). Her three older sisters are all at a Christian camp this Father’s Day,… Read more

Why Christians Don’t Like Sharing Their Faith

A few weeks ago I attended my family’s church because my oldest was being recognized among the seniors graduating from high school (yes, I’m old enough for such things). Attending the church of my youth is always interesting and entertaining, and most likely in all the wrong ways if what they’re hoping is that I’ll come under the Holy Spirit’s conviction, exclaiming that “Surely the Lord is in this place!” What I sense whenever I visit is something other than… Read more

Wonder Woman: When Gods Come of Age

What do Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Logan, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier all have in common? I mean, yes, besides the obvious details that they are all from the Marvel universe and they’re all entertaining films. They all brought in less money their first weekend than did Wonder Woman this past weekend, and for good reason. I must confess I had a number of reservations going into the theater. While they did pick a woman, Patty Jenkins,… Read more

Help Me Write a Book (and Make Some Videos) This Summer

I have some ambitious goals for this summer. I’ve been putting off writing a book for some time now because, well, there’s so much to tell. I think it has taken me until now to figure out how much to leave out and how much to include. That said, I believe I’m about ready to sit down and tell my story. But I could use your help. I teach high school math during the school year, which leaves the summers… Read more

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