For those of you who have subscribed to this blog but haven’t connected via Twitter, here is a link for you so we can get better connected. Sometimes I like to tweet what I’m thinking about before I write my next post, and each blog post goes out on Twitter as well. Follow @godlessindixie Besides that, I lean heavily on my friends via Facebook when I’m thinking through stuff and I’d love for some of you to be in on… Read more

I want you to know how valiantly I fought writing anything about this today. I’m not big on writing about current events or “trending” subjects because that’s not what this blog is really about. I was already tired of this particular subject before it even blew up on Facebook and Twitter. Reading my news feed, you’d think nothing today was more important than the suspension of one of the stars from a wildly popular TV show. After witnessing several hours… Read more

Like most skeptics, I go back and forth between a willingness to engage religious people in conversation about matters over which we disagree and complete exasperation with their inability (or else refusal) to see things from any perspective but their own. Some days I have seemingly endless patience for it; other days I’m ready to start flipping tables and plucking out my own hairs one by one. Some days even I can’t resist trolling the deliberately obtuse. But most days… Read more

When a system of belief lacks evidential support, it must compensate for this weakness by surrounding itself with defense mechanisms.  These defense mechanisms do nothing to address the flaws themselves, rather they attempt to divert attention away from the vulnerabilities of the system, drawing fire in an alternative direction.  By far the laziest (and therefore the most popular) way to do this is the ad hominem attack, in which you impugn the character of the person making the argument.  Note… Read more

I don’t typically share highly personal stuff on this blog because my life is intertwined with many others, and they would not want their personal matters to be put on public display.  But earlier this week a reader asked me a question which I think deserves a post of its own because it’s about a matter I know many people are facing every day.  People who grew up in relatively secularized cultures won’t identify with this issue but anyone raised… Read more

I generally date my loss of faith to the late summer of 2009, but I had at least a couple of crisis phases long before that.  Once in college (a good 15 years earlier) I questioned the validity of the Bible long enough to consider that the whole religion I had been taught could be bogus.  But I had great aspirations for being a spiritual giant, so I threw myself all the more into studying the Bible from the perspective… Read more

One thing that modern science and the Christian religion share is an appreciation for the fallibility of human beings. Both skepticism (which lies at the heart of the scientific method) and faith (particularly the Christian faith) recognize that as much as we want to be rational beings, we don’t always do the logical thing. We always have a mixture of motives in almost everything we do, and we can be highly skilled at fooling ourselves into believing what we want… Read more

In case you haven’t noticed, Christianity becomes exceedingly awkward around the subject of sex. For much of its history, the subject was taboo, to be avoided whenever possible. There was even a vague sense that the purest people shouldn’t have sex at all (see priests, nuns, monks, and Mary). This doesn’t sell well in a consumer-driven culture, so today Christianity is trying to get into the action, so to speak, and the results are alternately suffocating and cringeworthy. Church leaders… Read more

When I first “came out” to some of my closest friends and told them I no longer believe in supernatural things, they were greatly distressed. A few of them got together and staged a kind of “intervention” which lasted about 10 hours one day. As with any good drama, they did their best to provide occasional comic relief so that it wouldn’t be too overwhelming, but they asked a lot of intrusive and confrontational questions: “If there’s no God, then… Read more

My posture toward religion is slowly becoming more antagonistic, and I’d like to explain why. If you knew enough details about my life, you might assume it was because religious beliefs have inspired some pretty unloving (and unprofessional) actions toward me. I won’t be detailing those here because most of those issues are matters between me and those individuals (or institutions) and are not appropriate for discussion on a public blog. I will say here as I often do that… Read more

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