I’d venture to guess that even the crew of the ISS has whiffed the stank of the story coming out of Pennsylvania the past few days. Priests, en masse, manhandling children, marking them as their territory and using their position in god’s light as an excuse to rob babies of their irretrievable innocence. For decades upon decades upon decades. Had the story stopped there, we’d already know how they were able to continue to destroy children and avoid prosecution for… Read more

Godless Mom learned to surf in gym class in Australia. We used to hop on a bus and drive out to Trigg Beach or Swanbourne Beach depending on the surf. We’d get our wetsuits on, lay in the sand and practice popping up on our boards. After a while, our instructor would take us out past the break, where we would mostly sit and wait our turn to ride a wave. Surfing was hard, but it was the best thing about… Read more

Your Stories of Atheism are heartbreaking, triumphant, angering and inspiring. They are written by you, for you in this ongoing series about how you came to identify as an atheist. If you want to send me your story, you can email me here. Please note that by doing so, you give me permission to publish it here as part of the series. If you wish to remain anonymous, please say so in your email otherwise, I will use just your first… Read more

I don’t like patriotism. I’ve never really understood how or why someone could be proud of simply having been born on this side of some arbitrary line drawn in the sand; a line that is often the result of a long past bloody conflict. Patriotism is just as silly to me as religion is. It’s a fruitless “value” driven into the hearts and minds of a nation’s young people along with the understanding that to question your love for your… Read more

In 1999, in the state of Illinois, death row inmate Anthony Porter won a stay of execution just two days before he was to be put to death. The stay was based on a claim by his defense lawyers that Porter was mentally challenged. In subsequent months, evidence surfaced that was used to prove his innocence, and he was released. A short time later, another man confessed to the crimes for which Porter spent fifteen years on death row, and for which… Read more

When you’re eight, you don’t really get it when you’ve been given something that will alter your life forever. You take it for granted. Sometimes you even complain about it. In retrospect, as a busy adult grasping for extra minutes in each day, you look back and think… if only I’d known what I’d been given. When I was eight, I didn’t really get it. I was a little bubble of energy, jumping in pools, and swimming in oceans. My… Read more

I get this panicked question from godless parents at least once per week, “I just found out my child is being exposed to religious stories at school. What should I do?” There are many variations. Often it’s an aunt or a grandparent. Sometimes it’s the school, other times it’s the weekly Scouts meeting or their friends, their other parent or camp counsellors. Whatever the specifics are, the panic and fear often come through loud and clear. I get it. I… Read more

Today is my forty-first birthday. For nearly 15,000 days, I’ve been white. I’m not particularly proud of it; it’s not really an accomplishment. I’m also not ashamed of it, though there is no lack of folks who share my skin shade I am more than happy to be ashamed of. Being white brings with it exposure to a sort of hatred that others don’t often see. It’s the super, extra-cowardly sort; the kind of hatred only shared with you because… Read more

While many of the causes of wrongful convictions are surprising and sometimes even shocking, none are so much so to me as jailhouse snitches. This also happens to be the topic of this part, part six, in my series on wrongful convictions called Reasonable Doubt. You can read previous parts here: Part 1: How Skepticism Could Improve The Criminal Justice System Part 2: Why You Should Always Be Skeptical Of Eyewitness Testimony Part 3: Here’s Why You Are Capable Of Confessing To… Read more

Almost daily, I get comments on my Instagram posts or replies to my tweets that I’m doing some sort of disservice to my kids for raising them without religion. Y’all know me, I don’t give two bleeps what anonymous internet users think of me, but I’d like to destroy this sentiment anyway. Let’s be honest, some of the voodoo woo woo horsebuggery that religious moms feed their kids is what is truly detrimental to a growing mind. It ought to be… Read more

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