Maybe it’s just me, but all this right-wing power grabbing worldwide of late seems far to coincidental to be just a coincidence. Read more

When we believe other human beings have divinely bestowed authority, bad things happen. Read more

A new Godzooks feature debuts today: “Food for Thought.” It will regularly recommend select articles I find particularly enlightening. Enjoy! Read more

A retired U.S. admiral today did what precious few Republicans have dared: He publicly called out the president for dishonoring the nation. Read more

The president’s attempt to bully the world on trade is assaulting the U.S. economy, even my hometown newspaper. Read more

These two newspaper articles describe continuing illegality in the Catholic priesthood and the U.S. presidency. Something is being done only about the former. Read more

America isn’t the only country struggling to mitigate the worst effects of religious zealotry. Would you believe China is, too? Read more

Today’s Godzooks post introduces The Kloons, a skeptical video-comedy troupe that takes damnation to a whole new level. Read more

This wack-a-mole problem of people arbitrarily conflating reason and religious faith requires vigilance to bonk the conceit whenever it pops up. Read more

I’m somewhat liberal but watch Fox News to keep informed. In that spirit, here’s a leftist take on the Constitution even conservatives might find reasonable. Read more

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