Here’s a serious philosophical Facebook page with a large funnybone. Check out the cartoons. Read more

If you aren’t careful when searching for news information, Google will generally show you only what it thinks you want to see. Read more

First-century priest Augustine of Hippo loathed and feared women. His ideas led directly to American Christian views on abortion today. Read more

Overthinking can lead us away and detract from practical solutions to human problems. More in this case is less. Read more

Let’s stop kidding ourselves continuing to accommodate the imaginary delusions of faith. They’re not real. Period. End of story. Read more

It’s not that the dogmatic nonsense religion feeds to children is by itself damaging, it’s that adult authority figures convince vulnerable kids that it’s all true. Read more

Few except history and philosophy buffs have even heard of medieval Italian philosopher Giordano Bruno. But he was light years ahead of his time before the church killed him. Read more

Sometimes television characters make more sense than the rest of us, thanks to good writers. This long “Orange is the New Black” quote is classic atheism. Read more

Leaving religion can be as wrenching as leaving a lover. Fundamentalist Christians and Jews face the same traumas when they walk out the door. Read more

Trump administration lies, persecutions and self-deceptions come from the same playbook used by all authoritiarians since the Catholic Church perfected it in the Middle Ages. Read more

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