Inter-species Love Poignantly Reveals Shared ‘Humanity’


I ran across this utterly charming video clip on the TopBuzz website the other day that reaffirmed for me that, on a certain poignant level, all animals are exactly the same.

We all embody the same “stardust” (a lovely term the late cosmologist Carl Sagan coined), the same kind of DNA (if in various arrangements), the same need to connect with our fellow beings, and the same ability to instantly recognize our mutual earthcreatureness.

In a nation still so in thrall to supernatural imaginings, it’s always nice to be reminded of the material sanctity of nature, and how evolution has endowed most living creatures with powerful, affectionate impulses that keep communities whole and species self-perpetuating.

Even if you have a less philosophical view of nature, a few minutes spent watching this collage of interspecies affection is well worth the time. It just might make your day.


Video by Nightlifelocater/TopBuzz

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