Ha! This is More Amusing than Religious

Believe it or not from it’s nerdy title, Philosophy Matters can be hilarious.

Philosophy Matters cartoon Kierkegaard
Cartoon from Philosophy Matters’ Facebook page.

The organization’s Facebook page is also (mostly, it seems) a very serious place for deep, dry philosophical discussion.

But, today, on a kicked-back, sunny Saturday, I’m far more interested in its funny stuff.

So, I’m sharing this cartoon titled “Stages on Life’s Way” from the organization’s Facebook page. It is also the title of a philosophical treatise written in 1845 by Dane Søren Kierkegaard (1813-1855). The site gives no indication who created the cartoon, although it cryptically notes that it is “with Fabio Seing Randriantoanina.”

The cartoon reflects how personal beliefs evolve over time. Kierkegaard’s philosophical masterpiece, Either/Or investigated the aesthetic and ethical realms of existence, while Stages considered the religious realm.

The cartoon implies that as our private negotiation with existence evolves, for many of us, our interpretations necessarily get stranger. This is reflected in the inherent weirdness of supernatural religion, after people ultimately reject the necessity of facing the “rough edges and difficult truths” of worldly reality and embrace chimera instead.

Philosophy Matters, whose tage line is “A Practical Guide to Living the Good Life,” was created to promote philosophy as about “love of wisdom” and action, not just “ivory tower” rumination, according to its website. Its Facebook page offers a variety of engaging cartoons with philophical and religious themes.




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