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Frederick of Black Skeptics on Be Scofield

Frederick of Black Skeptics points out that religion hasn’t been as good to African Americans as Be Scofield would like you to think: [Read more…]

From the archives: The state of biblical scholarship, philosophy, and atheism

This was originally written in April of last year. It’s a response to a long question that I had gotten in a blog comment. Note that even though the question included a lot of mistaken assumptions, it was still a very useful springboard for writing a post, in part because it gave me an idea [Read More…]

This is how fundamentalism ends: not with a bang, but with Rick Santorum pretending to have gay friends

Vjack of Atheist revolution argues we should be careful about saying Christian fundamentalism is on the decline: [Read more…]

Buy Obama and Gingrich? (on Intrade)

This is another post about politics, but instead of telling you who (not) to vote for, I want to dip into talking about what, just as a matter of fact, is most likely to happen. The discussion is going to focus around Intrade, a site that lets you bet on the outcome of various events, [Read More…]

Racism, misogyny, and those nasty Italian Fascists

A couple weeks before I made the switchover to Freethought Blogs, there was an internet dustup between Greta Christina and DJ Grothe (President of the James Randi Educational Foundation). I started a post series on it, then put the series on hold while the change over happened, and now the blog conversation has already shifted [Read More…]

Tweak to comment policy

I am officially adding being really, really, weird to the list of delete/ban/disemvowell-able offenses. That is all. [Read more…]

Sign petition to get Arizona high school to follow the law

So: some students Paradise Valley High School in Phoenix Arizona want to start a branch of the Secular Student Alliance there. The high school says they have to collect signatures of students saying they’re OK with the club forming. This is entirely illegal. The law says that if a school allows any non-academic clubs, they [Read More…]

Strange times: culture wars vs. cultural-demographic trends

We (I’m talking USians here) live in strange times. A post by Will Wilkinson on Newt Gingrich captures a lot of that strangeness: [Read more…]

Christian philosopher comes to love Lord Krishna

Christian philosopher Michael Sudduth has announced his conversion to Vaishnava Vedanta (he seems to think the “Hindu” label is misleading). Bill Vallicella (who I criticized yesterday) has posted a long letter from Sudduth explaining his conversion (HT: Mark Vuletic). Here’s a sampling: [Read more…]