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Manuscript submitted!

I just send in the manuscript of the book to my contact at Patheos, in hopes of getting it published under Patheos’ imprint. So happy about this. I really believe in what I’ve done with this book. For the time being, the drafts remain available in Google Docs. [Read more…]

You don’t need a philosophy

Back in early January, Leah Libresco offered a challenge to James Croft: [Read more…]

How to deal with liberal Christians?

The comments on my posting of draft chapter 9 of the book make me think I need to say more in response to liberal readings of the Bible’s moral teachings. The trouble is, as I briefly mentioned in the draft: [Read more…]

What do people need to know about the atheist movement?

Book #2 is basically done, but I’m going to try to write a better introduction and one thing that might be really helpful to people is explaining what’s happened with the atheist movement in the last 10 or so years. I’ve realized that I definitely don’t want to give the (false) impression that it’s all [Read More…]

It is finished! Chapter 9 draft for book #2, “Bad religion”

Here it is! Chapter 9 draft of book #2. Actually, it’s not quite finished because halfway through I said “screw it” with regards to section headings, but the rest of it is there. Suggestions for clever section heading names appreciated. [Read more…]

Non-philosophers: tell me how you view philosophy

Since I’m toying with the idea of giving talks to atheist/skeptic groups on philosophy, I feel like I should get a better sense of where my hypothetical audience would likely be coming from. So: how do you view philosophy? What do you hope for from the philosophers in the atheist and skeptic movements? What questions [Read More…]

William Lane Craig claims its “dishonest” to say the OT god is a moral monster

The other day I noticed a blog post where Randal Rauser partially transcribes one of William Lane Craig’s podcasts. Here’s Craig: [Read more…]

How about “faithful reading” as an alternative to the charitable vs. uncharitable dichotomy?

I’ve written before about being unsatisfied with the charitable vs. uncharitable dichotomy, and recent discussion of Dan Fincke’s “civility pledge” (see for example Russell Blackford here) has me thinking more about it. I explained my basic issue with “civility” in this post: [Read more…]

Libby Anne on outrage blogging

A very good response by Libby Anne to my recent post on outrage and the atheist blogosphere: [Read more…]