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How long before Google Glass (and imitators) are as ubiquitous as smartphones?

When I was in college, I tried (not very successfully) to write a science-fiction story that, I hoped, would be the most plausible extrapolation of current trends I could come up with. Among other things, I imagined that people would have near-constant internet [Read more…]

Is the morality of religious believers really as twisted as it often appears?

I think one of my all-time favorite atheist quotes has to be this: [Read more…]

What should skeptics believe about the singularity?

This is a guest post from Luke Muehlhauser, author of Common Sense Atheism and Worldview Naturalism, and Executive Director of MIRI. [Read more…]

Review: Luke Muehlhauser’s Facing the Intelligence Explosion

I just finished reading the current version of Luke Muehlhauser’s website/ebook Facing the Intelligence Explosion. I have a handful of minor complaints (for example), and there was one thing that kinda made me want to scream (which I’ll talk about in a future post), but on the whole, Luke makes a lot of important points [Read More…]

What does the Bible say about sex? Less than you probably think

I wouldn’t deny for a moment that the Bible says some messed-up things about sex, including that men who have sex with men should be killed, and that if you even look at a woman the wrong way, it’s as bad as committing adultery. But I think many people would be surprised by what the [Read More…]

Will Moore’s law fail us?

As a follow up to my “Fifty year intervals” post: will changes in computing technology in the next fifty years really be as radical–or even more radical–than the “punch cards to smartphones and Google’s entire product line” transition of the past fifty years? [Read more…]

Guest comments now enabled

When the comment system was changed over, the people at Patheos initially set the system to disallow guest comments, so that people had to have some kind of profile with Disqus in order to comment. Then, immediately after the change-over happened, the number of comments I was getting on posts noticeably and immediately dropped off. [Read more…]

The future is a long time

A conversation I meant to blog about a couple months ago, but forgot about until now: [Read more…]

My book, now available in e-reader formats!

A reader (who I think wishes to remain anonymous, but is welcome to identify himself in the comments) very generously volunteered to take the time to convert my first book (which takes on Christian apologists over the resurrection) into a variety of e-reader formats, including EPUB (most e-readers), MOBI (for Amazon Kindle), and a couple [Read More…]