New Bible Translation For Gospel of Wealth

Gospel of Wealth preachers have commissioned a new Bible translation, and one of its notable features is the inserting of the word ‘wealthy’ where the word ‘poor’ had appeared for the past many thousands of years. Here are some representative passages: Do not be hard-hearted or tight-fisted toward your wealthy neighbor. (Deuteronomy 15:7) Did I not weep for those whose day was hard? Was not my soul grieved for the wealthy?  (Job 30:25) For the wealthy shall not always be… Read more

Are You Morally Inept? God Can Use You

It is very clear that God loves Donald Trump because Donald Trump became the president. It’s fairly clear that God does not love Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders quite as much, since they did not win the presidency—maybe because they are not flawed enough, not great enough sinners to be loved and used by God. It’s obvious to any Bible reader that God uses men of questionable morality to forward God’s projects in the world. Here’s a reminder of a… Read more

The Gospel of Wealth Is True

America’s millionaire Protestant preachers know the ‘Gospel of Wealth’ is scriptural. Few people are aware of this but Jesus was indeed a wealthy man, and the New Testament can prove this infallibly. Let’s take a glance at the evidence: As an infant, Jesus was gifted in gold from a traveling and colorful band of Persian Magi. Mary and Joseph wisely invested the bullion and by the time Jesus began his itinerant ministry some decades later, he was worth a fortune… Read more

Atheists In Congress

Unbelief in God is a permanent and inextirpable feature of human life. Belief has never claimed one hundred percent of the population at any time in human history. And yet every now and then a Pew Research report tells us no member of Congress purports to be an atheist. The real question is, why won’t the atheists in Congress admit it? Out of more than 500 Congressional members, depending on the term of self-designation, there are likely five or ten… Read more

Religionists Hate a President?

Hatred shares some heredity with anger, and anger is one of the seven deadly sins. Religious morality recoils from anger, and from hatred. So what are we to do at this moment when half of America’s religious citizens hate the President of the USA? Actually, ‘hatred’ may be too anemic a term and other words leap for attention: Aversion! Odium! Disgust! Despised! Abhored! Repugnant! Loathed! Execration! We see these vile expressions indelibly scribbled onto placards and posters and held with… Read more

What To Do About Irreligious Illiteracy

Every academic field laments ignorance of its area of study. And so scholars of religion decry religious illiteracy. Did anyone ever think to bemoan irreligious illiteracy? Ph.D.s in religion have studied religion formally for ten years to earn three degrees—a B.A., an M.A., and a Ph.D. In that time they may never be exposed to a lecture or a book on irreligion and may never even be made aware of a trove of irreligious writings dating from 500 BCE on…. Read more

21 Times Unconvinced About God

As far as I can discover from interviews with intellectuals and from reading books, there are 21 reasons many smart people find God unconvincing. Here are the 21 reasons, bolded and explained:   God as an old white man in the sky is unconvincing Depictions of God as a humanoid (this is called ‘anthropo-morphism’ = in human form) have been considered incredible since ancient times. Rendering God as a male humanoid is not credible to skeptics. Does this male God… Read more

Is God Simply Incredible To Educated Westerners?

At some point in recent Western history, the God idea became ‘simply incredible’ on the face of it for many, many educated people. Sociologists, psychologists and religious scholars have pondered, pondered and pondered the reasons why so many modern Westerners abandoned belief in God. But there’s one reason academics did not espy. The God idea is itself a cause of incredulity among the educated classes: the anthropomorphic, emotion-laden, easily irritated, biased, male God, who is satisfied with a high degree… Read more

Is Religion From Outer Space?

In the 1500s, the good-looking Italian cosmologist Giordano Bruno published his opinion that the universe consisted of infinite solar systems with infinite habitable planets housing an infinite array of beings. To Bruno’s mind, as a devout Christian, an infinite God could conjure these things in a day and a half of creative labor and thereafter easily and cheerfully manage the menagerie for its entire multi-billion year existence. But the notion of extra-earth beings did not align perfectly with the reigning… Read more

Geography Is Fate and You Didn’t Choose Your Religion

Have you ever seen a party conjurer playing the parlor game ‘Geography Is Fate’?  In a large gathering he’ll ask where a person is from and then he’ll tell that person what their religion is. Here’s a rough transcript from a recent notable party I attended in California: Party conjurer to a lady named Faye: ‘Where ya from?’ Faye: ‘Little Rock, Arkansas.’ Party conjurer: ‘You Southern Baptist?’ Faye: ‘That’s incredible! How did you guess? Revelers: ‘Ha, ha, ha!’ Party conjurer… Read more