Sometimes teenagers lead the way to much higher truths. A (fake?) story is circulating that in a recent dream the Pope saw the original scripture writers in the act. Modern biblical scholarship declares that we do not know who wrote most of the biblical books. Dozens of biblical authors are in fact anonymous despite names attached to these books. And now the world may learn the true identities of the Bible’s authors. As per the (fake?) story: Dreaming in the… Read more

A problem is created for the idea of God when humans endure a high degree of suffering, as is occasioned by one of America’s mass school shootings. It is problematic to say God possesses the attributes of goodness, power, and omniscience because ‘all-good, all-powerful, and all-knowing’ do not align with a high degree of suffering. If God were all-good, God would not cause or permit mass school shootings. If God were all-powerful God would intervene to prevent or stop mass… Read more

God could plead ignorance. That may be the only acceptable excuse for God in the face of the mass murder of children in their schools. A plea of ignorance entails many strategies. God could plead ignorance in giving humanity free will. God didn’t know that giving  free will to humanity was like a parent offering sharp knives to toddlers and having no foresight that toddlers will cut themselves and each other with those knives. God could plead ignorance of what… Read more

If God were a muscular Father, then long before a villain was in the act of murdering and maiming God’s school-age children at their school, God would beat up the villain. If God were a muscular Father, then shortly before a villain was in the act of murdering and maiming God’s school-age children at their school, God would beat up the villain. If God were a muscular Father, then while a villain was in the act of murdering and maiming… Read more

God must have reasons to permit mass shootings of school children. Since an omnipotent God could prevent evil events beforehand or stop evil events during their commission, it must be assumed that God has good reasons for permitting evil events. Here is a list of answers to the question, ‘Why does God allow mass shootings of school children?’ God values free will more than God values the lives of children. Because God dislikes robot behavior God has given human beings free will, free… Read more

Prayer comes from the Latin word precare, which means to beg, plead, implore. If your heart is made of penetrable stuff, seeing people in prayer will move you. Why? Because prayer is a pitiable disposition. Prayer encompasses all the hopes and wishes of the entire human race collapsed into the feelings and utterances of private and public begging. Do you realize that most people you see every day, both strangers and family, beg God for something at one point or… Read more

  All the documentary evidence from the entire history of Christianity—from its earliest writings in the 50s of the first century until today—shows us a religion in a state of argument. Church councils beginning in the fourth century sought to end argument by authoritatively standardizing scripture, worship, and belief. Twenty-seven Christian writings were chosen as sacred scripture, and several times that were rejected. A choreographed liturgy was proffered as proper worship. Beliefs about the Trinity and doctrines concerning the divinity… Read more

The ‘Opinionated Dictionary of Religion’ includes the following entry: Belief.  noun.  An idea presumed to be true but not known to be true; also called Mere belief. If it had always been accepted that belief does not rise to the level of knowledge, religious intolerance might not have marred our histories. Religious intolerance arose with presumptions of certainty—the sureness that my sect possesses certified knowledge and therefore cannot endure your sect’s evident error. But knowledge is an altogether different matter than… Read more

I don’t usually do this, but I’m recommending a book called Buddha’s Tooth. The book is somewhat about a mislaid molar of the historical Buddha—a mislaid molar, a tooth, found and duly deemed a dusty dentine relic, so much so that an actual Temple was built over its final resting place. All the bones of St. Stephen (ample enough to reconstruct him several times over according to Mark Twain) never met such an impressive fate in all of the cathedrals… Read more

In every year of the calendar, for ages and ages, up to and including this year, there have been religious persons convinced that the end of the world is coming soon. People in numerous religions have held this view. But the end never comes. Believing in an imminent end of the world begs for interpretation. I would possess a high degree of vanity if I thought the end of the world would occur during my life span. The whole panoply… Read more

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