Pope Dreams of Devastating Admission by God

Pope Dreams of Devastating Admission by God April 23, 2018

In a recent dream, the Pope saw Creation in the act. Ten million angels standing at ten million drafting tables were drawing away! The Pope glided over them all and saw blueprints for gaseous orbs, bulging planets, tectonic plates, stones and boulders, worms and fishes and bees and black bears and leaves and trees and sand and humanoids, and everything.

God sat idly by on a nearby throne.

There was a master engineer, a foreman angel, rushing along, stopping at tables, musing, scolding, penciling in corrections. He said to God:

I can’t see making all this for that, for them, for those, daft humanoids.

God said:

Neque enim omnia Deus homini facit.*  God does it for God’s own ecstasy, nothing more.

Then the Pope awoke, bent in sorrow, eyes ringed in brine, sadder certainly, but smarter.


* God does not do everything for humankind.


Featured image ‘Dreaming’ by Lorenzo via Flickr and sadder certainly, but smarter, from D.F.





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